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  1. ATU.Lasthope


    YEA bro
  2. Good one mate. No clue why i didnt try that lol Working perfect
  3. ATU.Lasthope


    Like this is the scarcode infomenu/ Could it help me? while { true } do { if ( getNumber ( missionConfigFile >> "CfgServerInfoMenu" >> "addAction" ) isEqualTo 1 ) then { _player = player; _action = _player addAction [ "<img size='1.25' image='\a3\ui_f\data\Map\VehicleIcons\iconVirtual_ca.paa' /> Server Info Menu", "createDialog'RscDisplayServerInfoMenu'", "", -1, false, true, getText ( missionConfigFile >> "CfgServerInfoMenu" >> "openKey" ), "alive player" ]; waitUntil { if not ( alive player ) then { _player removeAction _action; true } else { uiSleep 2; false } }; waitUntil { if not( _player isEqualTo player ) then { true } else { uiSleep 2; false } }; uiSleep 1; yea as you know lol i either want to get it as a key bind of like how this dude has got it. iv got a add action script which is used for the menu i use is it possible that could help me make it? BUT i dont understand any of the code cause im big dumb dumb KUPLION SHOW ME DAE WAY XD
  4. ATU.Lasthope


    yo dude can you give me an example?
  5. ATU.Lasthope


    Ive so far managed to do this & i have two files with with a surrender and UN surrender which work. iv tested it in the editor but i have having issues getting it into the server. Maybe instead of adding it to the scroll wheel we add a custom button instead PLZ be warned i am big noob. im learning class playeractions { targetType = 2; target = "Exile_Unit_Player"; class Actions { class surrender: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Surrender"; condition = "true"; action = "_this call surrender\fn_surrender"; }; class stopsurrender: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Stop Surrender"; condition = "true"; action = "_this call surrender\fn_stopSurrender"; }; }; }; ====================================================================== fn_surrender params ["_player"]; _player playMove "AmovPercMstpSsurWnonDnon"; _player setCaptive true; ==================================================================== fn_stopSurrender params ["_player"]; _player switchMove "AmovPercMstpSsurWnonDnon_AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon"; _player setCaptive false;
  6. bro tbh theres no need to get so angry from people who are asking for help. Have a good day.
  7. OK, ich habe nur gesagt, dass ich nach 3 Monaten einen Fehler hatte, obwohl es gut funktionierte. Die Leute bitten nur um Hilfe. Verstehe nicht, warum du so salzig bist.
  8. ATU.Lasthope

    Escort player!

    HAHA ive made a small break threw i need to add it to the scroll wheel then we are in bussiness
  9. cool good tip great help thanks just amazing
  10. ATU.Lasthope

    Escort player!

    yea i did look at it and everyone said its a waste of time
  11. ATU.Lasthope

    Escort player!

    0 LOL
  12. ATU.Lasthope

    ExAd addon spawn Exile Supply Crate

    There is nothing in the drop down?
  13. ATU.Lasthope

    Exile role play

    ATU are currently 're doing our servers to fit a role play purpose of a country which has been savaged by a zombie outbreak. But we need the hard working people and dedicated server staff. We currently have 3 moderator roles open but one or the 2 will be given a admin role after a trial period. We are trying to create a community that cares about the players Needs. But what makes us different is that the staff are here to have fun to and not just to have any kind of power or advantages the players. But please be aware we have VERY strict rules on what can and can't be done on the server. So PM us today and we will get back to you asap!
  14. ATU.Lasthope

    Help needed

    HELLO there so im running some features in my server to do with a bank and i have started to make a interaction on a certain object which can trigger a bank alarm. so ive got this and im looking into play 3D sounds but can anyone help me ?? class BANK: ExileAbstractAction { targetType = 2; target = "Land_Laptop_device_F"; class Actions { class TriggerAlarm: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Trigger Alarm"; condition = "true"; action = "call Alarm_trigger"; }; }; }; ok ive managed to get this line and ive added it in the alarm playSound3D ["path\To\Sound", objectName];