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  1. Hello. When I try and load into the server I just get stuck on debug (side of a hill) for about 30 seconds then get kicked to the main menu of the game. I disable the antihack it loads right in and works. tried it two times to make sure it wasnt just the server. I get an error on my client rpt: ExileClient - Error: Session request timed out". and server rpt: No player found for channel 2567045312 - message ignored I'll post my server and client rpt. But like I said I take infistar off my launch perams the server works. Hopefully theres a fix for this haha -client -server
  2. novadude

    EBM vector building

    working but after almost a min the item shows up to be placed. meanwhile ur wondering if its ever gunna work. then the server seems to lag out. even puting stuff in your inventory takes 30 secs +
  3. novadude

    Virtual Garage - No Connection to a Virtual Garage

    says link is broken for the virtual garage. can u please update it?
  4. novadude

    exile mod VG

    Hello. Does anyone have an issue with vehicles dissapering in the exile built-in mod virtual garage? For me, the vehicles keep disapearing when you take them out. You can add them to the garage and see it on list but as soon as you take it out nowhere to be seen. Can i please get some help with this thanks!
  5. novadude


    and now its out and cant find the class names for the new tanks
  6. novadude

    Disable Building in certain areas / problem

    still works for 104?
  7. novadude

    M3Editor - 3DEN Edition

    blood amazing! thanks for this
  8. did you get disable building working? if so can you please explain how to a newbie? lol
  9. novadude

    Extended Base Mod

    Hello. im having an issue with the hardware trader. nothing is showing up and getting bad vehicle type.
  10. novadude

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    Hello. I am having an issue with players seeing nothing but blurred screens. I added: BIS_DeathBlur ppEffectAdjust [0.0]; BIS_DeathBlur ppEffectCommit 0.0; to ExileClient_object_player_bambiStateBegin.sqf. I put it just above "ExileClientEndBambiStateThread = [_duration, ExileClient_object_player_bambiStateEnd, [], true] call ExileClient_system_thread_addTask;" then in config.ccp put in class CfgExileCustomCode : ExileClient_object_player_bambiStateBegin = "Custom\ExileClient_object_player_bambiStateBegin.sqf"; any ideas what else could be wrong? also besides that everything else works fine. awesome mod btw!
  11. novadude


    nvm i got a new one and works for me. ty tho
  12. novadude


    do you mean this? if so i did.