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  1. Im try it make it to work but nothing, i follow exact instructions but only save the texture, not show car list and i have ownership and im repbo the server file with oficial arma3 addon builder... im NOT USE infistar in DB saves the textures: ["a3\soft_f_beta\mrap_03\data\mrap_03_ext_indp_co.paa","a3\data_f\vehicles\turret_indp_co.paa"] in screen can look im front of paintshop... the problem is not show the owned cars list... i can change the texture manually and works and ingame shows the new texture but still without CAR LIST! same problem with this guy...
  2. same here, i try some fix but nothing... any have working Exile.Altis.pbo ???
  3. Finaly works but not show all buttons and travel points... I think the problem is this re-defines from mpmissions\Exile.Altis\RscDefines.hpp but need this for work all... This is error from ETG fast travel system "dialog/defines.hpp" how to adapt to your defines?
  4. post and script dead?
  5. Classnames?
  6. haha is for all server not only for me...
  7. yes i know and have some #includes in my description.ext in "RscTitles" section... class RscTitles { #include "ExAdClient\RscTitles.cpp" #include "Custom\gvs\stc_include_alt.hpp" #include "dialogs\FastTravelHUD.hpp" }; But in MarXet instructions or post NOT says anything about RscTitles
  8. is posible make this for zones only? like big marker in south island... is nice "pvp locator" at PVP zones...
  9. is for more buttons, an extra "panel" the custom app works and show the kits panel but the buttons not work any have working version?
  10. Im installed this version https://github.com/WolfkillArcadia/MarXet with "extdb3" and arma3server_x64.exe all fine configured but says me this error in server start... ErrorMessage: Include file mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\MarXet\CfgMarXetNetworkMessages.hpp }; class RscTitles { #include not found. Application terminated intentionally (in readme not say anithing with RscTitles check it) were is the file it redefines "RscTitles" or what its happening...?
  11. yep but is badly explained for initiates, if you knows all arma things other people not, you have to explain things like for kids not for pro coders... im trying but is easy create a complete instructions not only how to make markers for the script, i follow the instrucciones but it is very bad to understand after make things, after need put "gvs" folder to my mision folder(Exile.Altis) and edit Description.sqm + initPlayerLocal.sqm and I do not understand why many say that "edit init.sqf" but not exist in Exile.Altis its need make one and put all acctions or ejectues ".sqf" there? putting some acctions(from other scrips) in initPlayerLocal.sqm works fine but is more difficult in another language and with complicated instructions...
  12. if put the "addons[]=" lines the game says... need this accessories content: CUP_Editor_Structures_Confg CUP_Editor_Buildings_Confg CUP_Misc3_Confg CUP_Misc_e_Confg were find this files? i have installed and loaded CUP vehicles... but nothing the worst presentation of a scrip I've seen and very bad instructions , take a look ETG Fast Travel System from kellojo good scripted , nice intructions and good presented, this your script need pre build and only needed edit markers, this need to start eden with parameters and no explanation after what to do inside... we will not use it... or maybe try haha
  13. Works!!! ty for this great work! Screenshot:
  14. WORKS!! is the FIRST "script" works with first install and no problems! Nice Job! how can create more actions for other vehicles using this script I need 2 more vehicle spawns in XM8 have 3 buttons [Quad][Bike][Chopper] the buttons are made I just need the actions or if I need duplicate the files...
  15. please make better instructions, all installed and enter in kitts panel but the "loadout" buttons and "close" not work i put this in initPlayerLocal.sqf and initServer.sqf execVM "ExAdClient\xm8\apps\KiTs\Loadout.sqf"; \\ (this my location kits) and [] execVM "ExAdClient\xm8\apps\KiTs\Loadout.sqf"; not work but the old instructions says put in "Xm8Apps_Init.sqf" i thing is config from INFISTAR (i not have infistar) how make working buttons without Xm8Apps_Init.sqf ???? @[TBI] Liam HELP!