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  1. UraNuS

    Structures items spawn system

    very well explained! ok i have this problem... how can make aircraft trader in Ship with aceptable spawn space...
  2. UraNuS

    Problems With Server Spawn Structures

    yep now i uses M3editor plugin... and the code generaed works fine,,, 3DENplugin need UPDATEEE!! P.D... please explain what is this: , [false, false]], what modify this parameters...
  3. I use 3DEN Plugin for Items spawn(initServer.sqf) and SAVE similar but different code for the sqf... and not spawn! In Editor with 3DEN Plugin: IngameServer: I need to know in what way is correct... position coords = [14594.1,16751.6,19.0761] or with spaces [14594.1, 16751.6, 19.0761] turn coords = [[-0.707107,0.707107,0],[0,0,1]], or with spaces and without more square brackets: [-0.707107, 0.707107, 0], [0, 0, 1], , [false, false]], or , true], (and please explain what is this) Examples: OLD (initServer.sqf from last server files ) = ["Exile_Sign_Aircraft", [14594.1,16751.6,19.0761], [[-0.707107,0.707107,0],[0,0,1]], [false, false]], NEW (code generated from last 3DEN Plugin ) = ["Exile_Sign_Aircraft", [14594.1, 16751.6, 19.0761], [-0.707107, 0.707107, 0], [0, 0, 1], true], i need change to old style for work? i need only change true], to [false, false]], or what!? is very annoying... HELP!
  4. I have some questions with the "Structures items spawn system" using: mission.sqm , init.sqf , initServer.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf please the ones you know exactly how each file works for spawns, define it if I'm wrong... what I know It's usually like that: mission.sqm = for mision markers , bambizones, traderzones and other custom scripts... initServer.sqf = for item structures Spawn and other custom scripts... initPlayerLocal.sqf = for NPCs, Traders, Guards and other custom scripts... init.sqf = ??? its for create custom terrain just starting server? like USSfreedom(init.sqf) in this post: thanksss
  5. UraNuS

    *NEW AND IMPROVED* Sell Crates At Wastedump for R3F

    please... READ... (in other crates all works fine) But i thing is a temporary bug and now all crates have options...
  6. UraNuS

    DMS : NPC stuck strange behavior

    ... i have same error any can help?
  7. UraNuS

    *NEW AND IMPROVED* Sell Crates At Wastedump for R3F

    some crates not show "load" "take" or more options , only "inventory" option... (in other crates all works fine) is from both misions DMS and ocupation some crates not show more options... this need put "classnames" of crates in R3F or in this script?
  8. UraNuS

    Aircraft Trader Code 13

    it is near right of the track , 10-20 m is a planecarrier ...
  9. UraNuS

    Aircraft Trader Code 13

    @StokesMagee NOP... i moved 5 and 10 metres around anithing and says again code 13, and in airport the aircraft trader is surrounded with items and works...
  10. UraNuS

    Aircraft Trader Code 13

    haha seriusly? its the sign , boxes and plane? trying now...
  11. UraNuS

    ETG Fast Travel System

    WORKS!! finaly i adpated this awesome script! SOLUTION: You need combine your RscDefines.hpp with the defines from script "defines.hpp" broke my head to do it but if you think about it it's simple... you need take the entire alredy defined "member" cut them in defines.hpp from script and put in RscDefines.hpp Example: Good luck...
  12. UraNuS

    Aircraft Trader Code 13

    I make a new USSfreedom "tradercity" i put 6 new traders: Wastedump , BoatTrader, EquipamentTrader, ArmoryTrader, FoodTrader and the AircraftTrader all others works fine, but the Aicrafttrader shows me this message "code 13" and I can not buy any plane... Linux Server, DMS, ExileZ, FastTravel, Stargates, CUPs Mods and more things, all works fine... I uses EasyTrader and try this script (purcharse at specific...) but not work still have code13... (and i put Land_HelipadEmpty_F and Land_HelipadSquare_F from other script to the map nest to aircrafttrader) the trader of Aircrafts its a "clone" from basic exile aircraft trader (only changed the loadout), other traders are cloned and works fine... Here is screen of error... thanks for help!
  13. UraNuS

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

  14. UraNuS

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    STILL SIT-STUCK ENEMIES.... I look inside a3_dms.pbo and all looks fine, im using LINUX and may be something wrong but not find them... My mision is Exile.Altis with mods but all works fine... OCCUPATION enemies works and move... HELP