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  1. Stiglove

    Random AI/Person glitching into vehicles

    Only thing I have running through the mission.sqm outside of markers is a minefield in two areas. However the random AI predates that addition by a full month almost. When we were running on 32 bit, we never had the AI, but the lights would randomly flash on/off when you would lock it. When we swapped to 64bit, the AI showed up as well. The only scripts running that I can think off that have any compatibility problems would be Claim persistent vehicle, and XP tax, because I spliced in the changes into the provided override files from the Exile Devs. At this point though I am just rebuilding the server one script at a time. Trying to fix a few other bugs and track this down. Because I honestly just can't find anything that points to it. Nothing in the server RPT's or HC logs stand out.
  2. I am trying to setup A3XAI, and VEMF to point towards files for gear outside of the config. I was able to get it to work easily enough in DMS and Occupation, but I 99% sure it has to do with how the function calls are setup. Example is I am able to use the above for literally everything in DMS, from gear, rewards, and vehicles. Which I love, because it keeps the actual Config nice and neat, and when I just want to copy and paste stuff into the .hpp I don't have to worry about how it looks, just that it works. ( I do clean them up, just not until much later ) My issue is when I tried to do the same thing in A3XAI, or VeMF it was unable to call up the items. If I am not mistaken it has to do with their setup. Example would be the Default VEMF AI inventory for ApexBandits; When swap them to be #include "VeMFGear\something.hpp", they either are naked, have outfit an no gun, or all seem to have the same uniform, same vest, and then the same M14 with ACO scope on ALL the AI for that town. I don't have enough knowledge to even know where to start looking on the BI Wiki for a work around, all I can guesstimate is that because it's calling in a {class function } a basic #include like I used in DMS won't work. Really hoping someone would have some advice on where I would look, watch, or read for an idea on how to go about this. I don't mind the self learning, but I'm drawing a blank at where to even start. And before someone mentions it, yes I could just format and copy over the item names and everything. But all the Configs do them slightly differently. We don't want the AI packing anything that can't be bought at our vendors, and we've removed a fair bit. I find it more economical for myself to use the .hpp files as my holders of information because I can just copy over the lists from the Vendors to the file that I need. Since they have the same basic format. My roommate gets on these wild we should remove that, that, and that tangent, which I am cool with, but having to update all those configs and make sure that after I recopy and paste that they are nice a neat, drives me batty.
  3. Stiglove

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Discord handle is Hal#3198
  4. Stiglove

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    They would be, you would just make another class name section under the SHIPS, and call it HAFMSUBS, and you could just copy paste everthing within the same files, just change the shipclaass names with the subs. If you need anyhelp just @ me and I'll take a look at it.
  5. Stiglove

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    @DackJaniels, @Dice_cube23, Not sure if you guys are still having trouble but here are the files, and I am 90% sure they will work. I don't have the actual MOD: in your Exile.Map/TRADERS/Cfg.Traders.hpp; class Exile_Trader_Boat { name = "BOAT"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "A3Boats", "ApexBoats", "Boats", "CUPBoats", "RHSBoats", "HAFMShips" //<---ADD THIS }; }; Then in Exile.Map\Traders, make a folder called HAFM, and in that folder; make a file called ItemListHAFM.hpp; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //HAFM Ships /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class HAFM_CB90 { quality = 3; price = 2500000; }; class HAFM_GunBoat { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_Russen { quality = 3; price = 2500000; }; class HAFM_RHIB { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_FREMM { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_MEKO_TN { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_MEKO_HN { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_Replenishment { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_CB90_BLU { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_GunBoat_BLU { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_Russen { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_Admiral { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_BUYAN { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; class HAFM_Replenishment_OPF { quality = 3; price = 3750000; }; make another file called TraderCategoriesHAFM.hpp class HAFMShips { name = "HAFM Ships"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\itemacc_ca.paa"; items[] = { ////AAF_F/// "HAFM_CB90", "HAFM_GunBoat", "HAFM_Russen", ////BLU_F//// "HAFM_RHIB", "HAFM_FREMM", "HAFM_MEKO_TN", "HAFM_MEKO_HN", "HAFM_Replenishment", "HAFM_CB90_BLU", "HAFM_GunBoat_BLU", "HAFM_Russen", ////OPF_F//// "HAFM_Admiral", "HAFM_BUYAN", "HAFM_Replenishment_OPF" }; }; don't forget in you config.cpp in your exile.missionhere file; class CfgExileArsenal #include "TRADERS\HAFM\ItemListHAFM.hpp" then in class CfgTraderCategories #include "TRADERS\HAFM\TraderCategoriesHAFM.hpp"
  6. Stiglove

    Combining Mods and Add-ons

    @kuplionThanks for the link, I didn't even think to look for an All in One You are my hero. Being digging through alot of the stuff you've posted, since after our wonderful experience on your Tanoa server gave me an understanding of how properly coded and cleaned up scripts can make a server feel vs just a straight up copy and paste with zero digging through for conflicts. @Z80CPU Thank you as well for that information, definitely filled in the gaps I was missing. Both of you are right though that the all-in-one will make it easier. Decently comfortable reading and troubleshooting scripts if I ever have to go down the merge path though. So screenshot of info FTW! Trying to keep as close to the "less is more" for -mods. Always do that happy jig when I find some random post on "well it can be put server side if you do this." Currently using CUP, but wanted to try a few things before I settle on my decision.
  7. Greetings All, hope this is in the right spot for this, but if not I'll take a free move :). Trying to use the NiArms collection, however, it's like 10ish separate @mod folders, not including other things we are running. So I think it is cause the "unable to verify etc etc" that you get on the Arma Launcher. Some googling provided alot of threads about combining mods into a "communitymod" essentially so that you only have to start a handful -mod wise, but clients connections are prompted for you field of addons. If I get the gist of it, would look something like; @MyCommunity----->"addons"----->all the .pbos, and besign files ----->"keys"------->all the keys for those mods ------>"userconfigs"------->if any exist juts glump them here But what I dont understand is what you do with all the Meta and modd files. If I recall those are what the browser reads to prompt the client to download. Because even if I have @MyCommunity folder, I have no clue how to prompt any connections to have what is currently running. Any help or direction to the correct literature to browse would be appreciated. Find tons of stuff of google, but a ton of it suffers no answers, vague leading information that is promising but I can't seem to quite find the follow through I need to get it to work. - Thanks
  8. Stiglove

    Vehicle Hotwire Custom Codes

    I combined the ExileClient_action_hotwireVehicle_condition.sqf from both the Hotwire script and from the Low level Base, here is what I am using; /** * ExileClient_action_hotwireVehicle_condition * * Exile Mod * * © 2015 Exile Mod Team * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. * To view a copy of this license, visit */ private["_vehicle","_result","_saveTheBambis","_protectionMessage","_noMoreProtectionNow","_territory"]; _vehicle = _this; _result = ""; try { if (ExilePlayerInSafezone) then { throw "You are in a safe zone!"; }; if (ExileClientPlayerIsInCombat) then { throw "You are in combat!"; }; switch (locked _vehicle) do { case 0: { throw "Vehicle is not locked!"; }; case 1: { throw "Vehicle does not have a lock!"; }; }; if !("Exile_Item_Knife" in (magazines player)) then { throw "You need a Knife to pry the code panel!"; }; if !("Exile_Item_Pliers" in (magazines player)) then { throw "You need Pliers to expose the wires!"; }; if !("Exile_Item_MobilePhone" in (magazines player)) then { throw "You need a Mobile Phone to bypass the Lock!"; throw "You need a knife!"; }; if ((_vehicle distance player) > 7) then { throw "You are too far away!"; }; // Prevent Low Level Raiding _saveTheBambis = getNumber (missionConfigFile >> "CfgSaveTheBambis" >> "enabled"); _protectionMessage = getText (missionConfigFile >> "CfgSaveTheBambis" >> "protectionMessage"); _noMoreProtectionNow = getNumber (missionConfigFile >> "CfgSaveTheBambis" >> "stopProtectionLevel"); _territory = _vehicle call ExileClient_util_world_getTerritoryAtPosition; if !(isNull _territory) then { if ((_saveTheBambis > 0) && (_territory getVariable ["ExileTerritoryLevel", 1]) < _noMoreProtectionNow) then { throw _protectionMessage; }; }; } catch { _result = _exception; }; _result