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  1. sam87bo


    awesome idea chernaruski. and ill try my best mate with what you told me. still learning all this.
  2. sam87bo


    thank you very much mate
  3. sam87bo


    Hey folks. Just wondering if there is a way to make players get more respect the closer they are to missions, trying to stop people from sniping every mission and encourage Close quarters. Also is there a way to stop people getting rep from using a vehicle to do a mission. thanks heaps
  4. sam87bo

    day/night cycle

    im intrested
  5. sam87bo


    thank you for your reply mate. sorry i should of noted that i did not set the server up. was a mate of mine as that was out of my league at the time. i will continue to search for a fix and will deffenitly check out what you have said. thanks for you reply mate
  6. sam87bo


    Hey guys. Kinda hope someone mite be able to throw some light on this for me. So im currently using XAMPP. to launch MySQL. and heidiSQL to use my database. Now the problem is roaming vehicles and air AI. as soon as the count gets over 10 vehicles or air the data base stops saving.. IF I TP around the map and delete 1 vehicle it saves it straight away.. In occupation ive set (_vehicle setVariable ["ExileIsPersistent", true]; //Changed to true from false) not sure if that is correct but made very little difference. Really appreciate any help i can get thanks guys
  7. sam87bo

    Loot Spawn on Tanoa

    Ive checked that and nothing i can see. ill have another look through thanks guys
  8. sam87bo

    Loot Spawn on Tanoa

    Okay so ive put it down to Extended base mods. can anyone tell me what buildings cause this please
  9. sam87bo

    Loot Spawn on Tanoa

    Hi guys. ive seem to run into a problem with loot spawning in military buildings on tanoa.. it wont spawn at all. (hangers, barracks that sort of thing). ive added the building manually using the loot tool and it still doesnt work.. weird thing is i cant actually delete that building using admin tools or lightning bolt it.. PLEASE HELP ME WILL LOVE FOREVER
  10. sam87bo


    Hey guys. just wondering how do i change my view distnace.. ive done it in infastar.. View is set to 2000 and terrain is set to 1800.. but it only seems to work to about 1100m ive turned FOG off and fog decay any help is gladly taken..
  11. sam87bo

    [Release] Panthera/Winthera Exile Files

    Your basic PBO file DL wont work mate. is there a chance i can get it from you please
  12. sam87bo

    Server Difficulty

    Thank you so much
  13. sam87bo

    Server Difficulty

    what else do i use ?
  14. sam87bo

    Server Difficulty

    Thanks for the reply. i will have a look at this tomorrow
  15. sam87bo

    Server Difficulty

    I will look at this tomorrow but thank you so much