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  1. The food and water status are represented by the green eating utensils (food) and the blue drop of liquid (water) which both are between the lock and iron cross symbols. Also, I managed to fix it by setting the video settings to fullscreen with a resolution of 1920x1080, plus setting UI scale to small along with a restart, causing the Exile UI to be centered. Guess I can call this problem solved for now.
  2. Already had this just in-case someone would request this. I've said earlier that the smaller UI tends to bother my eyes so I'm pretty sure scaling down the UI isn't the best way to resolve this.
  3. Ever since I've been playing on ArmA 3 Exile servers, the Exile Hud/UI always seems to be located to the bottom left area of the screen with half of it off-screen. I've been messing around with the video options, finding really no way to fix it. I can somewhat fix by changing UI scale, but it still shows to the left and it really bothers my eyes when I put to a small size. Any help towards a solution is heavily appreciated.