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  1. On my server, all players die after any accidental disconnection. The client is frozen- death Bad module error- death Lost connection to the server - death etc... Perhaps this is some kind of protection from the "combat-relog", but my server is played mostly by friends and disconnects happen without malicious intent. And very disappointing when the server kills the players in this case. Is there any way to fix this?
  2. hogansheroes HI! There are a few more questions How can I adjust the resistance level? Where can you reset the resistance level of the player to zero? I even completely removed myself from the database, but at the same time my level of resistance remained. And it does not disappear after death. How to fix it?
  3. hogansheroes I found my mistake. I was wrong in INIT.sqf This became clear when I did not manage to set the release time in the init. sqf, but it turned out in a blowout_server.sqf Now everything works, thank you very much!
  4. Yes, I am now doing so
  5. Thank you! While they complained that nothing harmed them. I hope at last I will fix it and players will be happy to look for shelter
  6. I asked you recently about the damage. I just can not get the blowout to hurt the players. And I'm puzzled that the messages after the blowout contain the letter "N", not the number of resistance. I ask to help where I was mistaken Thank you
  7. That's what I see right after the blowout
  8. I'm worried that there is no damage and the message of resistance is reported not by numbers, but by the letter "N" and "%". Without any numbers
  9. I have set these parameters, but there is still no damage. And at the end of the blowout, the system gives a message that I have "N% resistance". Thanks for your help, I hope to fix this wonderful thing.
  10. I checked with the default parameters from your link
  11. I have everything working visually, the sound is there, but the player does not get any damage