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    Custom Icons on Map- Help needed.

    I'm trying to use this to update the mission icons for Bigfoot's ship wreck and am having no luck. I added the marker class to the config file for the bigfoot mod and called the class in the createshipwreckmarker.sqf. When I launch I'm getting no icon at all.
  2. BIG-K

    igiLoad Multiplayer - Not Working - How To Setup? [ANSWERED]

    I've done the above and my mission even shows "Igiload loaded Have Fun!" but I'm not getting any optons.
  3. BIG-K

    i was wondering how too install extended base mod

    I can't get this to work. I followed the instructions exactly but when I launch it won't load me into the game. It freezes on the loading screen ---------------------------------------------------- GOT IT!
  4. BIG-K


    Laid back server built on the prospect of good fun. Server is militarized with Roaming AI and Defents Missions. Base building is welcome and ransom for flags is low to help inspire. Teaming up is encouraged. Don't be a dick and you'll fit right in!
  5. BIG-K


    Easy Looting and low trade prices to allow for full immersion. Respect is earned and Trolls are not wanted. Have Fun, Be Free! Teaming / Clans and Base building encouraged.