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  1. carn

    Constant Kick message that's in my RTP, any solutions? I use A3Launcher
  2. carn

    You were kicked off the game issue

    Found the resolve, atleast for me try this: turn off anti virus, exit a3laucher. verify integrity of arma 3 and once that's done turn your anti-virus back on of course, and try to load up a server. I also made a new arma profile prior to doing all this. I don't know if that did anything though. best of luck dude. its a pain in the ass.
  3. carn

    Constant Kick message

  4. carn

    You were kicked off the game issue

    Same problem, some servers give me ''you were kicked from the game'' and some give me ''session lost''
  5. carn

    Constant Kick message

    Alright, i'm going to keep this short I realize this has been a recurring issue with a lot of players. And trust me I've looked around for numerous answers but I cant seem to find any solution. Most of these threads are made from 2015-17 so I'm assuming somebody has found a resolve. Whenever I join an exile server I get the infamous ''You were kicked from the game'' YES I have all the mods, I use A3launcher (I did all of this yesterday. Everything is up to date. Sometimes I get in a server and it would kick me after 10-15 seconds.