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  1. You have turned on this _debugForSP = true; Set it to false and then check the database.
  2. #Updaded #Changes in V 0.5 Longer animations Some timing tweaks
  3. Benutz das hier ->
  4. Zum eintragen der Contaier: Ich vermute mal mission file -> config.cpp Beim rest kann ich dir nicht weiterhelfen ^^ class ShippingContainerSource { name = "Shipping Containers"; models[] = { // Arma 3 "CargoBox_V1_F", "Cargo20_blue_F", "Cargo20_brick_red_F", "Cargo20_cyan_F", "Cargo20_grey_F", "Cargo20_light_blue_F", "Cargo20_light_green_F", "Cargo20_military_green_F", "Cargo20_military_ruins_F", "Cargo20_orange_F", "Cargo20_red_F", "Cargo20_sand_F", "Cargo20_white_F", "Cargo20_yellow_F", "Cargo40_blue_F", "Cargo40_brick_red_F", "Cargo40_cyan_F", "Cargo40_grey_F", "Cargo40_light_blue_F", "Cargo40_light_green_F", "Cargo40_military_green_F", "Cargo40_orange_F", "Cargo40_red_F", "Cargo40_sand_F", "Cargo40_white_F", "Cargo40_yellow_F", // Namalsk "nam_container.p3d", "misc_cargo1d.p3d", "misc_cargo1b.p3d", "misc_cargo1bo.p3d", "misc_cargo2c.p3d", "misc_cargo1ao.p3d", //Tanoa "Land_ContainerLine_01_F", "Land_ContainerLine_02_F", "Land_ContainerLine_03_F", // Also allow wrecks "wreck_", "wreck_bmp2_f.p3d", "wreck_brdm2_f.p3d", "wreck_car2_f.p3d", "wreck_car3_f.p3d", "wreck_car_f.p3d", "wreck_cardismantled_f.p3d", "wreck_hmmwv_f.p3d", "wreck_hunter_f.p3d", "wreck_offroad2_f.p3d", "wreck_offroad_f.p3d", "wreck_skodovka_f.p3d", "wreck_slammer_f.p3d", "wreck_slammer_hull_f.p3d", "wreck_slammer_turret_f.p3d", "wreck_t72_hull_f.p3d", "wreck_t72_turret_f.p3d", "wreck_truck_dropside_f.p3d", "wreck_truck_f.p3d", "wreck_uaz_f.p3d", "wreck_ural_f.p3d", "wreck_van_f.p3d" // TODO: Ask community for CUP/AiA model names }; };
  5. I think i found the issue for this problem. I moved my ExileGhostplayers on a different position and put them a bit in the air. So they are not touching the ground and it looks like it's not happening anymore. I report back after some more testing.
  6. Einfach auf den Boden droppen und dann hast du im Mausradmenü die Option sie zu aktivieren.
  7. It's meant only for vehicle wrecks. You could use this, you can salvage wheels, engine,fuel tank, main rotor, rear rotor.
  8. IAM STUPID ! After doing to much stuff on the server i changed my initServer start to this if (isServer) then { [] execVM "Custom\spawn_vehicles.sqf"; [] execVM "Custom\real_weather.sqf"; But it should look like this [] execVM "Custom\spawn_vehicles.sqf"; if (isServer) then { [] execVM "Custom\real_weather.sqf";
  9. Hey guys, i have a super annoying problem. After spending the whole night fixing BE errors my vehicle spawn script suddenly stopped working. No vehicles spawning anymore, even when i deactivate Battleye. I didn't change anything in the script or somewhere else, so i have no frickin clue why this problems occurs. I found something strange while checking the logs, when i open the ServerLog before i disconnect it looks like it's "stuck" 10:25:46 Successfull attempt to execute serverCommand '#kick 47' by server. 10:25:46 Successfull attempt to execute serverCommand '#kick 48' by server. 10:25:46 Successfull attempt to execute serverC I tried Bones Persistent-Vehicle-Spawns, same problem. Before my night with BE filter work, both scripts worked without any problem. I call my script over initServer and Bones is a Exile server addon. RPT ServerLog Greetings
  10. @Snake72 Thanks, i changed it :)
  11. I have the same problem right now, anyone got it fixed ? Greetings
  12. I have this error aswell in my RPT and VCOM is working fine, so you must have made an error somewhere else.
  13. You probably made a mistake somewhere. Before you add something backup the files you change, so you can revert and try it again. I started a server a few weeks ago and had the same problems. It's easy to do a mistake somewhere, like a missing , or one to much ^^
  14. Use this instead ->
  15. Mod is working fine so far but i can't use SecondaryWeaponsBlockedWeapons. I put the classnames of weapons which are not allowed in the second weapon slot, but iam still able to swap them. Edit: Fixed by changing the file Exile.YOURMISSION\Custom\dual_arms\CfgSecondaryWeapons.hpp class CfgSecondaryWeapons { //Mod Settings DropWeaponOnDeath = "true"; UseAddActions = "true"; SecondaryWeaponsBlockedWeapons[] = { "rhs_weap_m82a1", "rhs_weap_sr25_ec" }; Change to class CfgSecondaryWeapons { //Mod Settings DropWeaponOnDeath = "true"; UseAddActions = "true"; BlockedWeapons[] = { "rhs_weap_m82a1", "rhs_weap_M107", };