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  1. DayZ Doug

    Namalsk DayZ

    Hey guys DayZ Doug here! I am looking for some players to join me on a server I have been playing called Exordium gaming Namalsk that is absolutely awesome. I am 30 years old and I loved to play DayZ Mod ( Not standalone) and have been waiting for a good authentic server feel for a while now and now I have found it . I don't want to team up with anyone who is childish. I want to play the servers for what they are and not run about trolling anyone. I will be playing most weekends 12+ hours and a few hours at night time during the week. Please PM me if interested.
  2. DayZ Doug


    Keep up the good work guys!!!
  3. DayZ Doug


    I have been on all servers done by @kidesh and @Frenkert and this one is just as good! These guys put all their spare time and effort into these servers and more. Top blokes and quality servers!!
  4. DayZ Doug

    DayZ Redemption

    Thanks kidesh for this. We have all been working hard on the server for a few months now and we think we are happy with what we have accomplished. On behalf of me and Frenkert thanks again for helping us with scripts and testing the servers for us.