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  1. Leonid_Manylov

    ExAd v1.0.4

    Hi, make enybody hack virtual garage with notifications? Maybe rework this
  2. Leonid_Manylov

    Flag Hacking 1.0.4

    Hi, Is this script compatible with EXaD 1.0.4 ?
  3. Leonid_Manylov

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi. Сan who knows? Don't fill crate with guns. Linux server. All mission files taken from github
  4. Leonid_Manylov

    _vehicleObject Errors

    make the encoding in UTF-8
  5. Leonid_Manylov

    Spawn location limitation

    make the encoding in UTF-8
  6. Leonid_Manylov

    Vehicle Salvage

    Ok) Thnks, i try to install.
  7. Leonid_Manylov

    Vehicle Salvage

    It work for me, but without junk metall. Not log errors) https://yadi.sk/d/gf0fgzW03YXusG
  8. Leonid_Manylov

    Vehicle Salvage

    Ok) thnks for your endeavor.
  9. Leonid_Manylov

    Vehicle Salvage

    Not working for me. Maybe put to init this thread - [] execVM "GADD_Apps\VehicleSalvage\Customize.sqf";