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  1. Which "glitches/exploits"? You must be new to Arma. It's called ACE, optional pbos "@nounifromrestriction"...
  2. It doesn't seem like, any errors appear, for the unifoms.
  3. That's not good.
  4. I disabled this on my server. Because of glitches and exploits with other items...
  5. Greetings, I recently replaced loot tables with RDS, RHS, LOP, TYRK and Tac Vest equipments and now none of my players can pick these items to wear them, can someone please help me? You can add me on STEAM at: Austin_Martin Thank you! Regards, Austin Martin
  6. Greetings, I am currently in need of a staff, developers, and alpha testers for a heavily modded exile server. Open Positions: Administrators (Moderators, Support Team Members, Community Manager) Alpha & Beta Testers Developers (Scripter, Map Editor, Graphic Designer, Server Management Team, Public Relations) Requirements: - Experience with Arma 3 (300 Hours+) - 17+ Years of Age or Older - Willing to be Available Everyday (5 Times a Week / At least 2 Hours Per Day) This project is exclusive, which means, development team members and administrative team members will be required to quit any other community affiliations. Regards, Austin
  7. Greetings,I am currently in need of a server manager for a heavily modded exile server. Tasks:- Setting up Virtual Private Server- Setting up Databases- Setting up Mission Files- Troubleshooting Issues- Maintaining Private Server SystemsRequirements:- Experience with Virtual Private Servers- 17+ Years of Age or Older- Willing to be Available EverydayWilling to pay for working fixtures. Please message me if you are interested.Regards,Austin
  8. Fixed I did the following: Verfied Integrity of Arma 3 Files (Steam) User Actions (Unbind Everything From Space) Redownload Exile Files (Replace All Files) Restart Game (Even Launcher)
  9. Greetings, My [Spacebar] in building mode does not place the item/object, I have all the rights in my family to place things in the base, I have unbinded everything else from [Spacebar] and I am running Enhanced Movement and Interations mod. Thank you very much, in advance for the help! Regards, Austin