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  1. SealHunter

    Can't join server

    What about the client .rpt?
  2. SealHunter

    Stuck Connecting

    I had this issue when I had just updated my arma version on the server. It might be unrelated, but try restarting everything and ensure the game/server versions match and is current.
  3. SealHunter

    Unable to find a running instance of Steam

    Is Steam running correctly on the server? Try restarting the server as well, if you haven't already.
  4. SealHunter

    Trouble with infistar.

    That's completely normal. It's just to inform you that there are some keybinds, which you can't change due to the nature of the mod.
  5. SealHunter

    Crafting not working (campfire etc) since cdah mod

    You can't craft how? Is the recipes missing from the game? Is the craft option greyed out? Nothing happens when pressing craft? If nothing is happening, did you check the .rpt?
  6. SealHunter

    Persistent Vehicle Spawn

    Did you implement it properly? Where did you get the script? Any errors in logs?
  7. SealHunter

    Cannot join own Exile Server

    Yes, to make the server visible to your friends you will need to forward a couple of ports (or use Hamachi, but forwarding is pretty easy). It's normal for me to see two iterations, don't know about three. What startup bat are you using, what is the messages on the server window, and please post your rpt file on hastebin or similar.
  8. SealHunter

    RHS / TRYK Equipment (Not Wearable)

    Is the server or client throwing any errors in their respective .rpt files?
  9. SealHunter

    DMS/ Occupation Rpt error

    The code in your post, or at least put it in code tags. I know it's nitpicking but it's easier to help, when you're able to read it properly.
  10. SealHunter

    Server Crash/Lowfps

    Please put it up on either pastebin or hastebin.
  11. SealHunter

    DMS/ Occupation Rpt error

    Please use either hastebin or pastebin to post the code
  12. SealHunter

    8G Networking in XM8 Stopped Working

    First off, you have a lot of errors you need to solve in your .rpt. There are some related to equipment, but try looking at the syntax errors first. Once you've cleared out the syntax errors, then start troubleshooting. A lot of times you will see results from doing this. If it still doesn't work, then try posting your client .rpt (when you've cleared the errors).
  13. SealHunter

    How Do You Add mods to traders

    You really won't be getting much help if you keep calling people that.
  14. SealHunter

    CfgNetworkMessages error

    Is now working, CfgNetworkMessages wasn't included correctly.
  15. SealHunter

    CfgNetworkMessages error

    Hello! I'm working on converting a script from an older version to 1.0.4. I've worked through a lot of syntax errors myself but I've encountered an odd problem. I'm unable to create bambi (the timeout error), but it's not because of strict mode. I get no error on the serverside .rpt but my client throws this one: 23:31:13 "ExileClient - Requesting bambi character..." 23:31:14 "ExileClient - NetworkManager - Parameter count mismatch! Payload: [""createPlayerResponse"",[R Alpha 1-2:1 REMOTE,"""",""0"",""2500"",0,0,100,100,0,300,[],0]]" 23:31:43 "ExileClient - Error: Bambi creation timeout" createPlayerResponse is called my createBambi. Naturally I checked my CfgNetworkMessages and compared to the call, but the parameters are correct (at least I think). class createPlayerResponse { module = "object_player"; parameters[] = { "OBJECT",//_bambiPlayer "STRING",//_parachuteNetID "STRING",//Score "STRING",//Humanity "SCALAR",//Kills "SCALAR",//Deaths "SCALAR",//100 "SCALAR",//100 "SCALAR",//0 "SCALAR",//Bambiprotection "ARRAY",//_clanData "SCALAR"//_spawnType }; }; This should match the call from createBambi: [ _sessionID, "createPlayerResponse", [ _bambiPlayer, _parachuteNetID, str (_accountData select 0),//Score2 str (_accountData select 1),//Humanity3 (_accountData select 2),//Kills4 (_accountData select 3),//Deaths5 100, 100, 0, (getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "BambiSettings" >> "protectionDuration")) * 60, _clanData, _spawnType ] ] call ExileServer_system_network_send_to; I have no clue why the "createPlayerResponse" part is in the error, why isn't it getting stripped?