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  1. We have infistar running already, I've turned battleye off in the config because it was not letting people connect. random restriction 0. But now that it is turned off our server appears with no shield on the launcher. Can infistar simply replace the need for having battleye completely? I'm not sure I understand as it is currently
  2. All that stuff is done, the server is playable, just battleye is completely cooked. I looked at the AEG tool but it didnt really do anything. So I'd rather just pay someone that knows what they're doing.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm making an Exile server for my friends and I to play on, but I'll be the first to admit i'm not very good at it. We're looking to pay someone to fix our clearly broken battleye exceptions and maybe add a couple of mods for us. We'll be fine to maintain it from there and do the updates, just need a hand to finish off what we've started. Thank you all for your time.