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  1. Would you have any idea where the gas mask I need to replace would be located?
  2. I have the mod STALKER Equipment loaded on my server and I was wondering if there was anyway to get the gas masks included in this mod to work like the base Exile gas mask in radiation zones? If there is anyway to accomplish this please let me know, thanks!
  3. I have not added any mods to the traders as of yet, I am just trying to get them working with stock Arma weapons, gear, ect.
  4. This is my first post on the forum because i'm having a large problem. Whenever I try and Trade with one of the traders I have placed on a custom map, an empty screen appears with no items. I have tried multiple fixes for this issue but with no luck so far. config.cpp I attached an Image of the problem I am having, not one I took, but of the same problem. If there are anymore files that I would need to post to help diagnose the problem please let me know as I would like to resolve this issue quickly!