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  1. hi, I'm looking for people to team up with and play missions and loot parts of the map. I'm on an Altis server with zombies, military missions, helicopter crash sites, bandits, survivors, static missions and a few special customized locations (NW & SE aircraft trader, SE traders, secret military research base). Otherwise pretty basic. Am open to suggestions on mods to add. Teamspeak/Discord servers also. Anyways, hmu with your info and I'll add you. /cheers
  2. Ralph G

    Virtual Garage Spawn

    @WURSTKETTE I'll see about getting you that information. I solved the problem by building on a flat plot of land a territory just for a garage. It's about 360m from my main base so not that bad. Many many quadbikes. You would figure this is an important issue they would want to fix since it destroys people's vehicles and causes a random bombing of vehicles upon your base.
  3. Ralph G

    Virtual Garage Spawn

    Hi, I'm having a major issue with the spawning of vehicles within my territory from the virtual garage. It seems the spawn is random and usually 2/5 times a vehicle will be retreived and spawn on top of a structure or other building, which destroys the vehicle(s) and causes a big mess. I've been searching files and forums for an answer to solve this problem. Maybe add a script to the config to set a fixed spawn?