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  1. Lady Val

    Extended Base Mod

    First of all, thanks a lot #Chernaruski for your reply. And I apologize because I solved this issue 1 day after that message but... doing it all together made me forget to type the "SOLVED" in here. As you said, it was the mission.sqm that I totally forgot. I went through my steps like 10 times... until I realized my error. Everything is working fine. The bugs we are having are mostly clientside and nothing to do with the EBM that works great! Thanks a lot again
  2. Lady Val

    [RELEASE] Extended Survival Pack updated 28.04.2018

    Please, can somebody give me an example of a mission.sqm with the Surival addon? (I am failing in that one) Thanks a lot. Great Pack, by the way!! Solved!.... I hadnt place correctly the traders and the cats. Does anybody know where to find more receipes? (not the cooking ones) Thanks
  3. Lady Val

    Extended Base Mod

    hello guys, question: We set our arma 3 exile again after like 6 month (we had it and we stopped it) 6 month ago, everything was working in EBM but now after set it all again as it was (even same host: GTX) whatever we build and place for a base (walls for example) they disappear at reset. what am i missing? Or doing wrong? (As you can see, in the database is all what we constructed - one of the guys - and as you can see it is repeated almost same position because it all dissapeared ingame... but remains in DB) Thanks a lot in advance Add some info: I found this in the report: 2:00:41 Exile_Construction_Flag_Preview: flag - unknown animation source flag 2:00:47 "ExileZ Mod: Monitored Zombies | 0 " 2:00:49 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. extendedbase 2:00:50 "V66 (23-03-2017) [OCCUPATION:HeliCrashes]:: Initialised at 232.067" my bf was setting the flag and placing a wall he crafted. The flag (territory) remain but not the crafted. Server side and client side: both have the Extendedbase (EBM) in the folders. thanks a lot guys
  4. Lady Val

    [RELEASE] [Update 1.3] Vehicle Crafting - CDAH-Mod-Pack

    Hey guys... thanks a lot for this mod and for the installation guide, it works perfectly fine. However (yes... always a "but" or a "however") I would like to know how is it possible to build (craft) Diesel ground power unit? It is in the market thanks to the mod but when you buy all what you need to craft it, there is no way to have it all equiped, how can we do to be able to equip or to use all what is needed to craft something like this? (it applies to other craftings too) thanks a lo
  5. Lady Val

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    Please, I am going to need some help to try to figure out what I am doing wrong. 1.- I set the @DualArms in my -mod= command line (server is in GTX not in my computer) 2.- I uploaded the folder @DualArms to the server. 3.- I added the #include in the description file 4.- I add the Custom folder inside mission pbo from Altis (Custom\dual_arms) and inside there are the files: DfgSecondaryWeapons.hpp and SecondaryWeapons_player_hook.sqf 5.- I added the Bikey in the Key folder. What I didnt do (I got lost, total noob here)... should I add the sqf files that were in the 1st version from this thread? (if I do, the server is not working) Problem is that, after installing RyansZombies (again, I am sure I am doing something wrong) the dual weapon is no longer being triggered like before by the mouse scroll. The Secondary weapon dissapear constantly (I was suggested to disable the launchers in the config) and well... it is not working as it should. Please, any imput would be more than welcome because I am totally lost and cant find what I am doing wrong. Thanks
  6. Lady Val

    Extended Base Mod

    I am letting it "stand by"... checking the instalation, I didt know about the EBM folder... will check it back _______________________________________________________________________ Question: We installed the EBM in the server in the @Extended_Base_Mod, I created the entry in mod=.... (the usual). I uncommented the 3 hpp in EBM folder. But... no recipie or trader is showing in the game. (when the lines were commented, was happening the same) Thanks for any help and/or Advise. //////////////////////////// Just in case others have the same problem I had: I dont know why, the server took some time to "update" it all and, after a couple of reset... everything is working perfectly fine. Thank for the installation guide, it is awesome.
  7. Lady Val

    Players don't save to Account Table

    Reviving this topic to do a very similar question: In my dababase, it is saved the player account until they die. Once they die, the previous data is not saved and it appear the new respawn one. I would like to save the accounts data in the database (I am uploading and testing and I dont want my guy keep loosing what he was doing only because of the testing) thanks a lot.