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  1. Lady Val

    Exile Scavenge Framework - 0.7 BETA (23.10.2017)

    Thanks a lot, Dude... it is what I am doing. Just finished the "test server" in my computer to try it all and to see where the errors are.
  2. Lady Val

    Exile Scavenge Framework - 0.7 BETA (23.10.2017)

    Hey guys I've installed this mod less than 30hs ago and it is working (I can search and find items in the right places) but, after doing the action and having the "Searching" in the screen, when the searching is over (no matter the result as found or not found), the shadowy research bar remains in the screen for the entire time (until the reset or the player disconnection) (Note: the car is not being scavenged, I used it just for the dark background) Just in case of need, this is my server rpt: Thanks a lot for any advice.
  3. Lady Val

    AdminToolkit for Arma 3 v2.2.2 - Exile Edition

    yeah... thanks a lot, Ole... I wanted to see if I could retrieve some coords but no way.
  4. Lady Val

    AdminToolkit for Arma 3 v2.2.2 - Exile Edition

    Hello guys I am using this tool mostly to use the TP to check things in Server. The menu looks "small" but it is my resolution so, not a ATK problem at all, considering that it is working. I have 2 questions: 1.- in Vehicles, are not included boats, right? (I couldnt erease a boat from the server) 2.- where are the "persistent Builds" saved? thanks a lot for this tool
  5. In theory, everything is working but when you go to pick the mushrooms or the weed or the ore, nothing appear (like the action is not being done) and in client side you have that error (I showed you mine that it was when I tried with Mushrooms, but other guys had the same regarding weed or ore) Thats why I am so... lost, I redid it all 4 times and I am pretty sure it is correct. It was working in other map, Altis... but I think it shouldnt have problems in Chernarus Redux
  6. When you click in harvest or mining, it just didnt do the action. No error in server rpt, but in Client rpt we have this: 18:58:59 Error in expression <_this call DDR_fnc_Mushrooms> 18:58:59 Error position: <DDR_fnc_Mushrooms> 18:58:59 Error Undefined variable in expression: ddr_fnc_mushrooms
  7. Sure... This is what is added to config.cpp in Exile_server_config.pbo: And this is in Exile_Server.pbo, In_preinit.sqf (added to the end): and this 2 files added into the exile_server\code folder ExileServer_system_event_drugs_start.sqf and ExileServer_system_event_farming_start.sqf Now, inside my exile.chernarusredux.pbo, in the custom folder I have the folders: drugs, mining, fishing; and in config.cpp, under the class CfgInteractionMenus I have this at the end of the actions This lines, at the end of InitPlayerLocal.sqf And I have this in Mission.sqf: "ddr_vehicles", "Extended_Survival_Pack", And obviously, it is in mod=@extended_survival_pack; and the extended_survival_pack.bikey in the key folder. I Type all what I did in case I am forgetting something. This is the same that was working in Altis map. Thanks for all the help you are giving, guys.
  8. I have no rush at all.... I am on it for the pasts days.
  9. I added it to the server config, to the mission.sqm, to the mission config.cpp, the folders for mining, farming and fishing, I added it into InitLocalPlayer, and into the mod= line. I checked it 4 times already, after redoing it all 4 times. I am really out of ideas. I cant find the error and I am sure I am missing it somewhere.
  10. You go to the mushroom, weed or mine, you scroll, the action is there to select. You select it but nothing happens. Error is in Client side report. None of us can do that, but server side there is ok... the error is in client report. As I said, I have this working great in Altis, I am having this problem in Cherno Redux map....
  11. Yes... I have that all in mission config.cpp and the part that goes into exile_server.pbo.
  12. Sure... and thanks for the replay. Here is the Server RPT: Server Side RPT and this the client RPT (my side): Client Side RPT (I've just noticed the errors in the Dual Arms and XS... will check it later, it is redirecting correctly so, will see whats wrong there) Thanks for checking this.
  13. Hello guys. We used to have Altis (it was just one month ago or so) and ESP worked like a charm. Now we have Chernarus Redux and I followed all the steps as I did before, I forgot nothing this time and I have the issue that mining and farming and fishing is not working. I have the announcement of spawning weed, mines, mushrooms, you go to pick it and the stones and farming spots are there, you have the action, you "harvest" or "mine" but... nothing happens. I have the spawns in the rpt but... not even one single line of error about ESP or why the action is not being complete. Any idea about what could be happening? It was working perfectly fine with Altis. thanks a lot, guys.
  14. Lady Val

    Extended Base Mod

    Sorry... wrong thread!! I need ESP... not EBM