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    increase character hitpoint?

    Or, for those who want to give extra damage reduction to player, "HandleDamage" is good. I'm using this code. Make new .sqf file and copy and paste above code, place this file to server>mpmissions>Exile.○○○.pbo Inside config.cpp, find 'CfgExileCustomCode' and add this ExileClient_object_player_event_onHit = "something.sqf"; ExileClient_object_player_event_onHandleDamage = "something.sqf";
  2. sugisaki

    increase character hitpoint?

    *Solved* I created my own mod to change hitpoint(armor value) and it worked.
  3. sugisaki

    increase character hitpoint?

    Hello, I want to increase both player and bandit AI hitpoint to make it hard to kill on my server. So I edited character_f.pbo in server>addons folder, and tested, but still die one-shot. I also did same thing to character_f.pbo in steamapps>common>Arma 3>Addons and checked it in Arsenal and it worked. Anyone know what I am wrong or how to increase hitpoint in another way? Thank you
  4. it's so annoying to open old chest lid to access , especially for big base owner, they have so many old chest. I wish you add the ability to open all old chest at their own base. and plus, wanna optic sight for Taurus like BF. Thank you.