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  1. ThatxGhost

    Ai deals no Damage VS Player Vehicles

    Just disable the AI rocket launchers..? If your only trying to get rid of the Frustrating 1 hit RPG's (as far as AI goes) then go to the exileserver/addons/(whichever_AI_mission_addon) and all of which you named have a very easy option of "Enable AI launcher true/false". as far as god mode vehicles.. Build a better garage lol offline raids are common in any online game like this and something you have to either protect better against or make a PVE server ;). best of luck to you.
  2. When I tried playing I realized the game had updated, So I got the new arma 3 server files and my server will run properly but it doesn't show up on the server list anymore. please help.
  3. ThatxGhost

    Can't seem to get ExileZ to work correctly.

    I tried two, one was missing half of the configcpp in the mission.pbo and the other was making exile register as "Exile Mod By "xx" " and making it so that I couldn't load it. I was just curious I didn't want to be putting so much into it if there was a pre-made mission. Alright I'll leave you be, Have a nice day and thank you for the support. Wish epic,blizzard or ANYONE that has a support forum was so much help. I'm off to learn to make Safe Zones.
  4. ThatxGhost

    Can't seem to get ExileZ to work correctly.

    Thank you very much for all your help! and While I have you, is there an Official build of a chernoRedux mission? I had just made my own, and added traders and working on the safe zones.
  5. ThatxGhost

    Can't seem to get ExileZ to work correctly.

    The PBO was only "exilez" and it did.. maybe that was the case, I definitely downloaded it from one of your posts though, are old files still hosted? maybe I should start checking time stamps. haha. And I'm currently In game and just panicked from zombie screams whilst typing back.. guess it works now, Thanks so much and I'm guessing the trigger zones are toggle-able in trigger settings correct? because I had thought it wasn't working till the jump scare. lol ((edit) - Guess I should specify Trigger zones as in red zones on the map.)
  6. ThatxGhost

    Can't seem to get ExileZ to work correctly.

    I'm 99% sure that's where I downloaded mine Although my folders are a bit un-orginized and I couldn't find a good "How-To" when installing ExileZ.. I oddly have 2 for some reason, looking at my Exile downloads now.. I'm going to redownload from there and Delete mine. Hopefully I just had a wrong download, But originally when I did notice I was missing things people were saying you need to edit things and I figured they were just on an Out of date version. But thank you so much for a fast reply, Best Support I've seen here in the Exile Mod Forums! Keep it up. (edit) - The Configcpp is different from the one that I had.. is it possible I maybe downloaded an eddited version of your mod? and if so would you like me to find where I had downloaded it?
  7. How do I get ExileZ to use the triggers that I want? To my understanding ExileZ by default runs from the Altis preset? but inside triggers folder I can even change the positions for Altis and it doesn't move when I'm in game.. I'm not sure what's causing this or maybe I'm completely mis-understanding how this works. I can't find any real explaining here or anywhere on how to edit these settings. The Zombies in game will spawn and work correctly if I go to the preset triggers but I'm using ChernarusRedux, any help would be great! (I'm new to creating servers and have been working at mine for 4 weeks now.)
  8. I don't have a triggers folder in any of it.. I've read that everywhere and I have re-downloaded 3 times and there isn't a triggers folder unfortunately. Maybe I'm missing something here? (never mind.. I'm so stupid, just checked the ExileZ folder instead of ExileZ 2.. RiP.. so many hours I wasted sorry for the wasted time. Thanks for the reply though!)
  9. Have you figured out how to go about changing triggers for maps..? I can't seem to figure out where trigger info needs to go so that the zombies spawn correctly for ChernarusRedux.