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  1. Install cherno redux map
  2. If you tap tilde key( the one under esc button) you can scroll through health hunger thrist body trmprature and climate etc. Did you install tpws at your server? Also check weather section in your mission config file
  3. Whats body temprature and climate temprature on your charakter?
  4. Man you are Golden! Thank you very much!
  5. Hello. Im interested in making advanced scripts for exile mod. AS my first project i want to try and make vehicle capacity overrides. Please dont say its impossible. Only thing im asking for is, which Language are scripts made in (like dms missions for example)? Is it c++? I want to make script that will limit capacity of vehicles. My idea is when reaching specified ammount of capacity in vehicle Player will get notified: Capacity limit has been reached. Item dropped on the ground! And then game will drop item on ground. I want to do script myself because i didnt find anything like this. Im sceptic about expanding capacity (maybe if script will create virtual expansion of existing capacity?) If i will succed with 1st one then i will try with second one. Any help is appreciated, cheers.
  6. That has nothing to do it doesnt prevent server from loading. You can get rid of it Just to get rid of it. My bet is exile.ini typo somewhere or mysql database is empty or mysql is set to strict mode
  7. Problem somehow fixed itself when i reverted back to 1.0.4 and set up linux to not close arma3server process (because it was eating resources)
  8. Did you change mysql strict mode?
  9. My friend
  10. Hey. Nice share i modified the map a Little however i have a problem. Some stuff that you put in traders have physics enabled. Hoe can i modify it to disable physics?
  11. 1. its dedicated box 2. im currently reinstalling everything from scratch, it was server that worked on vanilla, problems started when i modified slightly dms, zcp, and ryan zombies to remove exploding zombies, launchers from ai, military vehicles at missions and missions itself (ie ifrit steal) 3. roaming ai is disabled cant remember everything.
  12. my server is crashing after 1 hour server rpt https://pastebin.com/1ELtMiMH Pastebin rpt - Pastebin.com launch parms https://pastebin.com/dFicvYit Pastebin sp - Pastebin.com and in extdb logs https://pastebin.com/LDa7zVpX Pastebin db - Pastebin.com dunno what else should i post
  13. i tried kuplion's one butr then it just dissapears
  14. could you please provide me with your statusbar config @Brett Nordin mine is from custom mission file from my friend maybe it calls some extdb2 stuff
  15. well it stopped working after that