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  1. Hey all, I have pushed a new version of the message boards. The changes are small I have fixed my SQL queries to work properly with the date restriction of 1 week. Monkey suggested we change it to his version of them but i do not agree with that version as it will not take into account certain name lengths and some names will get cut off. However thank you for pointing the issue i had as there was an issue with them. I have not done SQL queries to go with the 64Bit version of ExtDB so please if someone has done it share it. I have also added the Cyrillic alphabet with the exception of two letters as they don't seem to be supported by Arma 3. The boards can print the following characters: Enjoy!
  2. @geekm0nkey I completely agree with filtering the boards for players that have played very little or have not connected for a long time. But as a server host you have to be careful with your server populous. I would not delete records from the DB as they do not slow down your server or improve your FPS in any way, They can be left there and SQL is pretty powerful to handle that without sweating at all.
  3. Thanks man that was a very late add-on when i was pulling the files from my server. I never ran date filters but i had noticed people that only connected once were on the board so i added it then. I will test your query update and if its 100% i will put it on the GIT thanks for helping out. #teamwork
  4. I will see what i can do maybe next week i can create the Cyrilic alphabet. Currently the boards support only latin characters.
  5. Your coordinates look correct. Just make sure once you export the Exile object placement code that has to go in initServer.sqf so the billboards are available for my script to pickup. My script does not place the billboards the coordinates are just so my script can find them. The rotation of the boards happens automatically every 60 seconds.
  6. I have pushed a new version to the GIT that includes Top Money scoreboard and also handles characters that are not in the supported character list. The GIT does include the character template that is made using GIMP so anyone that feels enthusiastic about adding extra characters can do so.
  7. Ok a big thanks to a few guys that have installed the scoreboards already they helped me iron out some documentation issues and a comma that i missed . The docs are correct now so new installations should go easy. Thanks again and enjoy!
  8. @ILLUXNNN I created the repository quite late and i extracted the code from my running mission so i must have just made a mistake i will correct it on Git. You are 100% correct its not just copy paste it has to be PBOed i will adjust the docs accordingly. Please let me know if you succeeded in getting it working. I would really love the feedback so i can make everyone elses life easier when they installing it.
  9. I am glad you are liking the release. Did you manage to get it going ? Regarding your question you can not use SQF scripting within SQL queries. My whole plan for the board was to not use any SQF logic and to use the powerful SQL to get what i need. So your query will have to look like this: SELECT RPAD(CONCAT(RPAD(name,(SELECT MAX(LENGTH(account.name)) AS message FROM (SELECT account.name, SUM(container.money) + account.locker as total_money FROM account JOIN container ON container.account_uid = account.uid WHERE last_connect_at > NOW() - INTERVAL 1 WEEK GROUP BY account.uid ORDER BY total_money DESC LIMIT 13) account), ' '), ' ', SUM(container.money) + account.locker), 42, ' ' ) message_board_row FROM account JOIN container ON container.account_uid = account.uid GROUP BY account.uid ORDER BY score DESC LIMIT 13 Make sure this goes on one line and it should yeld the combined container money + locker money ordered by players that have connected in the last week.
  10. LIVE SCOREBOARDS Hey guys this is my first release for Exile Mod. I was not sure where to put it but i think scripts is the correct sub section. This is a server side script that allows you to put live scoreboards in Exile. You can use it to also put custom messages but you will have to figure out how to do that yourself. I have made a GitHub repository so please feel free to contribute, report bugs or fork it and do as you please with it. The installation instructions are on the GitHub page and all the info regarding the script will be updated there. GitHub Repository : https://github.com/ivaylosp/message_boards