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  1. The "owner" (UID)of the vehicles must log in first then restart. Will save to database then.
  2. Compare reports, when it works, then not working. Post your results.
  3. I implemented that vehicle spawn , https://github.com/secondcoming/Persistent-Vehicle-Spawns . It worked out of the box, very nice. I have cars, helis and boats spawning in ,thanks again. Hey, Kuplion , I wish I had a chance to actually play it, but it sounds like what I have been looking to play. I have some of your Github stuff in my zombie folder waiting to go in
  4. Thank you, I will take a look at that.
  5. Hello. I'm looking for any updated information I can find. I am creating a server based on Exile files. I am rather new to Arma 3. I have done a lot of work on Arma 2 though , so I can find my way around just fine. I am trying to recreate something like :" [FPS] Exile Survival | DayZ Full Conversion ". The real problem I have so far is the vehicle spawn. I'm not sure what people are running for a persistent spawn? Which one works the best in your opinion?Thought I would ask to save some time. I'm not interested in having a busy server,( don't care if others like it). I just want something to play that is harder and more like Arma 2 I can run on my server. Thank you.