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    Napf Island A3

    I show up to stir the pot again. ( It's my job). It is unfortunate this port wasn't finished. " We are just lucky to have it ", someone recently told me. I want to thank the person that ported it so you hopefully won't misunderstand what I am saying. Yes, I know how much work it is. I had a certain house I always built a base at and I had the greatest fire fight I ever had is gone. Not only that building but the road to there and all the buildings that were on the road are gone. Some sheds that had a back door, replaced with sheds that don't. I had a place I liked building a camp near a pond.......the pond is gone. Found all this wrong in 30 minutes. I don't understand why this was done this way.Maybe I'm the only one that would notice or care.I've killed over 1800 AI on this map. I have died over 150 times on this map. It was like my Arma home to me. Almost finished but not quite?............ just lucky to have it I guess? Funny, I don't feel lucky, just kinda sad. Guess I'm just a little late to the show. All my plans seem kind of f**ked ( and I am undecided on what to do). Does anyone besides me think this should be finished?

    NAPF environment mod

    I have made a small mod for the Napf map with permission. I don't know the rules for posting Workshop content so won't include a link unless I'm informed otherwise. This is a good one for post apocalyptic mods like Exile. Enjoy. Maybe a Youtube link?

    [Exile Chernarus2035] Server crash


    [Exile Chernarus2035] Server crash

    For others that may be looking for answers. How please?

    [Exile Chernarus2035] Server crash

    I don't know anything about " TADST ", but you don't have any "-servermod=" in your start up? You are starting "@Exileserver;" on your -mod= ?

    Changing Ryan's Zombies and Demons mod sounds.

    Thanks for replying. Everything seems to work fine until the call for the sounds folder. I renamed all my sound oggs to the default, put them in a folder called sounds, then into the mission. If it works for you then I have screwed up my path some how. Again, thanks for telling me this works with the complete path. I will take another look at this.

    The real Napf files

    Thanks for your concern , but the appropriate people have been notified and until we hear from them I would have to assume A3 Launcher has used the Armaholic download. If by accident they have used the wrong version I'm sure they will remedy that as soon as they can.

    The real Napf files

    Yes , we think that is the correct version on the launcher. Workshop hasn't had one.

    The real Napf files

    My friend Flatterman has uploaded the Napf map to the workshop. This is the only workshop version you should use. It isn't going anywhere. Please don't use the other non-approved versions. Waiting a long time for this to happen. And remember, Friends don't let friends re-upload.
  10. I think BI has a tool for that. Edit, thought you said fsm. sorry. Wow, I should only have one forum open at a time.
  11. KELLEY

    Changing Ryan's Zombies and Demons mod sounds.

    This is the problem with them all sounding close to you. If we could change this..........................
  12. KELLEY

    Changing Ryan's Zombies and Demons mod sounds.

    Thank you! I will wait to see what you come up with. I was a staff member on an Arma 2 mod back in the day. The lead dev gave me permission to use his sounds. If you need anything I might have for Chernarus 2035 just ask. I share all my files. ( Except the zed sounds of course , which don't belong to me). Good luck.
  13. KELLEY

    Changing Ryan's Zombies and Demons mod sounds.

    Well, maybe nobody is running this. If I knew it is working for somebody I would go ahead and try to fix it. Or if you tried to get it running and couldn't, I would try a different way to do this. That is really all I need to know. Thanks.
  14. KELLEY

    Changing Ryan's Zombies and Demons mod sounds.

    Okay, I'm missing something obvious here but I don't know much about ogg files. I have this running and it works until it gets to "finding" the actual ogg file. "Error, I can't find ( all the pathways I've tried\ ogg). I even just dumped the attack ogg files in the mission root and called them that way. " Error ,I still cant find( ogg). So...... I have really quiet zombies. Originally I tried just a " sounds" folder with all the zed sounds inside. I was calling it from inside the mission so I used "sounds\******.ogg". If the file names are correct and the path is correct..... is there something I'm missing here? Don't know a lot about A3.Did I bork the sound files somehow? I didn't even have to convert them to ogg. I 'm in the weeds here and this should work./////////// 17:30:06 Sound: Error: File: sounds\aggressive80.ogg not found !!! 17:30:07 Sound: Error: File: sounds\aggressive47.ogg not found !!!