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  1. np66uh

    InfiSTAR Feature request

    Problem resolved i add tag Owner to my name and start in true and ui only.
  2. np66uh

    InfiSTAR Feature request

    Hi guys i tried like you said here but it keeps not working i dont understand why???i think i am doing things right??? tnks best regards
  3. hi guys why i install the mod zombies and demons it exilez the server appear a message sound ryanzombiescream7 not found and i start dying????? can somene help???? tnks
  4. np66uh

    [Release] 29 Dynamic DMS Missions

    Hi guys dont worked in start but it was mine mistake,now its 100% nice dms missions. best regards
  5. np66uh

    TUTS Briefing for ExileMod

    tnks guys helped in my server a lot bes regards all
  6. Hi good day can i use this in a pve server???? tnks
  7. np66uh


    hi can someone help it a scoreboard to my server to know ai kills etc because the ones that i find in exile community dont work or files are not ready to download!!?? tnks best regards
  8. np66uh

    make chat or infistar or bec give info

    what file i insert this info ??? hint format["NOPVP SERVER"]; sleep 800; hint format["Make sure to join our teamspeak:"]; sleep 800; hint format["DO NOT LEAVE VEHICLES AT TRADER"]; sleep 800; hint format["REMEMBER: Killing and Stealing Is against the rules!"]; sleep 800; hint format["REMEMBER: Respect all staff and players!"]; sleep 800; hint format["REMEMBER: EXILE IS A NEW MOD, BUGS GLITCHES and BAD STUFF IS BOUND TO HAPPEN. PLEASE KEEP CALM DURING THIS PROCESS."]; sleep 800; hint format["REMEMBER: Keep checking the forums for updates and news about new content!"]; sleep 800; hint format["REMEMBER: The server Restarts every 3 hours!! make sure you log out 3 minutes before so your items are saved."]; sleep 800; execVM "hints\txt.sqf";
  9. Hi where i can find a takistan.pbo file????i have look but its hard guys! tnks best regards
  10. np66uh

    Arma 3 Takistan server

    Hi guys good day all I want to start a Arma 3 exile takistan server,but the guys i contact they ask to send the Takistan pbo file,i have find one but i ask can i modify him,like trade locations etc???? tnks