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    Default map items not showing in editor

    So not sure what I did last week (Was very tired when I was working on it), but I was able to remove the default traders and objects from the Exile.Tanoa map. I placed a new trader and some objects and just told the editor to save (binarization unchecked) and packed the .PBO. The new trader and objects were shown. The problem I am having now is that Traders are not in GOD MODE, aka I can kill them. If I freeze them I cannot kill them, but they look like crap. I have Damage unchecked. Not sure whats up with that. Edit: I Changed Enable Damage back and forth a few times and now they do not die when shot.
  2. talbizle

    Default map items not showing in editor

    So what I mean by Plain text is not garbled vs readable. I see the data about the traders and Icons between the garbled bits. I would like to start the server without all of that, but clearing the file and loading it blank results in the server not booting. When I save a new trader it saves in initPlayerLocalsqf. So the data I want to edit is stored in mission.sqm.
  3. talbizle

    Default map items not showing in editor

    So @Z80CPU just to be clear if I unbinarize InitServer.Sqf and load into editor it should show all of the items from the default map? Also then would it be fine to leave this file in this "Plain text" format? Like when I repack the PBO and place it back serverside? Thanks in advance. I am at least happy that I got the server up, listed and playable.
  4. talbizle

    Default map items not showing in editor

    I'm thinking I may have to unbinarize ? the old mission file in order for it to show all of the objects. I found CfgConvert in a search for unbinarize. I thought about the fact that the editor could only output plain text files and the map came with binarized ones. I could tell because it was all jumbled when I tried to open initplayerlocal in notepad++. Please tell me what you think. Not sure how to get that tool or how to use it yet, but I will keep trying and post results here as I go. Please let me know if I'm on the right or wrong path. Thank you for any help....
  5. Okay! So I have been searching for days now and have not come up with an answer. I am trying to edit the Tanoa map and items that come with the map do not show up, however when I save and load it into the server it shows what I added and what was included in the original map. i.e. I load the exile.Tanoa into my local PC and in editor. I Only see the base map with Icons. NO traders or signs. I add a trader and sign, and save the scenario. When loaded back into the server it will show both the new and old trader. I want to be able to co edit old and new objects / NPC's at the same time. My setup is as follows. Windows Server 2019 with 32 GB of ram and two Xeon quad cores. Gigabit connections throughout. In my room I remote into the server to run the Exile server. I edit the files on my main PC then send them over network to the server. On my PC I have Exile 3den plugin and M3editor loaded in when in editor. I need help. I want to be able to see and delete the old traders while also looking at the new ones.