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  1. If you use infistar you have to whitelist the idds.
  2. Oh not at all! I welcome the feedback and changes! And thank you for the compliment
  3. onSellOpenFirst is for the first time it is opened. onSellOpen is for the future times. It's for initialization. This was my first mod, so I may have not followed convention. I was just focused on making it work.
  4. Change accepted! It has been updated on the github, thank you!
  5. This mod has nothing to do with ExAd in any way. That extraApps is part of ExAd. Make sure to check rpt files for any info. So when you attempt to post an item for sale, it doesn't add it to the list or remove the item? Did you import the playermarket.sql from the install folder into your database? Make sure you have a playermarket table in your exile database. And that you did the proper edits to exile.ini. Ive checked the code again, and everything looks fine and I did another test and it is working.
  6. You're welcome! Best of luck to you.
  7. The problem has been fixed See above posts.
  8. You are correct. I missed that in the install file. My fault. The correct code can be seen at:
  9. FIXED!!: Sorry! The install\config.cpp file was missing an add! It was having you only add the sell screen! My fault! Simply go into your Exile.Altis\config.cpp and change: class cyMachineSell { controlID = 85160; title = "Player Market By Cyunide Sell"; }; To this: class cyMachine { controlID = 85150; appID = "App05"; title = "Player Market By Cyunide"; }; class cyMachineSell { controlID = 85160; title = "Player Market By Cyunide Sell"; }; I have also updated the Github. Sorry for that oversight!
  10. No 85160 is for the sell screen. XM8SlideCyunide = 85150 XM8SlideCyunideSell = 85160. There are 2 screens for the app. The //Start and //End pastes were just comments to me that didn't get removed. I've tested it quite a bit. There are no errors in the client or server rpt files? If you pastebin the rpt I will be glad to take a look. If you want to post your config.cpp I can look it over as well.
  11. Odd. Are there any errors in the Client or Server rpt? Also, if you have infistar, be sure to whitelist! A blank screen is most common when you have mismatched IDDs in mpmissions\Exile.Altis\.config.cpp Let me show you: class cyMachine { controlID = 85150; // <---- THIS!!! appID = "App05"; // <-- ALSO THIS MUST MATCH THE BUTTON NUMBER!! title = "Player Market By Cyunide"; }; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class XM8SlideCyunide: RscExileXM8Slide { idc = 85150; // <-- MUST MATCH THIS! controlID class Controls { //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class XM8_App05_Button: RscExileXM8AppButton1x1 { // <---- NOTICE App05 MUST MATCH appID above! textureNoShortcut = "\exile_assets\texture\ui\poptab_ca.paa"; text = "Player Market"; onButtonClick = "['cyMachine', 0] call ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide;"; resource = "XM8SlideCyunide"; };
  12. Cyunide

    GPS Trackers

    Basically ESP cheat via GPS? Im not sure that would go over well.
  13. Cyunide

    Ability to open all old chest

    Like the ability to open the entire container inventory for all old chests in your base? Seems a bit OP really, but that's just my 2 cents. Also you wouldn't be able to put items in, it wouldn't know which to use.
  14. PlayerMarket By Cyunide 1.1 PlayerMarket is an addon for Exile that adds an app to the XM8 tablet that allows players to buy and sell their items. I found that allowing players to have an economy that's driven by other players instead of only having NPC/Traders adds depth, dynamic, and fun to the game! Don't be the server without it! You can customize it too! You can set the Max amount of global listings, Max amount of listings per player, as well as set the Min and Max amount things can be sold for. Here is a couple screenshots: THE DETAILS: Special Thanks To: Andrew!!!! Download: Install Instructions: Make a Donation: FAQ: Will this mod be updated? - I will do my best to make sure any bugs are fixed, and it functions properly. Will you add [Insert Feature Here] to the mod? - Depends. Interest, donations, feedback, etc. will most likely decide what happens next. Can I hire you to make a specific change for me? - Sure. Who are you noob?? - I'm just a coder that played Arma Exile and loved it. So I tried my hand at modding and here is the result ^_^. Is this addon compatible with the new XM8 in the latest update? - Yup. Sure is. Will this be on GitHub? - Probably. I'm looking into that now. MORE INFO: I made this mod and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it! I did my best to test it out and I'm sure there may be a bug here or there, but nothing that can't be worked out. Again a special thank you to Andrew! Enjoy and happy Exiling!