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    CLE-Gaming was founded because we saw a lack of difficulty in exile servers. We are a group of people with several years of experience in the exile community. During our years playing exile all the way back to the launch of Exile. We have found that difficult exile servers are hard to "if not impossible" to come by and therefore we decided, if we can't find a server we feel fulfills what we and many other players are looking for, we will make it ourselves. And so we have. CLE-Exile's aim is to have a server that's challenging and rewarding for the players while still keeping grinding to a minimum. We have a lot of features such as a custom mission file and 2 large custom missions that reward players who complete them greatly. We only launched today so why not join and get in on the action straight away. Hop on our discord to learn more about features, mods and much more. Mods: CBA_A3 NIArms All in One CUP Terrains-Core CUP Terrains-Maps ExileMod Multi-play Uniforms DS Houses Advanced Urban Rappelling Hope to see you on the server!