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  1. Cookies2302

    Weird server bugs

    Yea I figured I got it working. The statusbar was glitched and made everything else go completely crazy.
  2. Cookies2302

    Weird server bugs

    I have recently started a server. On it we have infistar, infistar xm8 apps and a custom statusbar. All of these 3 work fine for a little while but after some time, some people lose some functions in infistar (everyone have the same permissions) and some lose the xm8 apps while others can still see them. The custom statusbar also disapears for some people while others still have it. If I wipe the server database then it works perfectly normal for everyone and everyone can see and use everything. I could really use some help on this matter as we are not able to wipe the server everyday. This is the rpt file:
  3. Cookies2302

    CLE - Classic Exile

    CLE -Classic Exile Welcome to CLE- Classic exile. CLE is a newly started exile server which has been designed to give players a challenging yet fun experience. It is not your typical 100k start exile server where you have tanks that cost 50k or less. This is a server which will challenge you and encourage you to get your gear and vehicles from missions rather than buying them. Being based on Chernarus, it offers players a familiar sight, one that has been liked for a lot of years. You will notice that buying a territory and upgrading it will be a challenge and will feel rewarding once you are able to gather the money to purchase your base or your next base upgrade. The same applies for buying vehicles. Who are we? We are a group of friends who have been playing the arma series for thousands of hours across several years. After years of playing we have started to notice that most exile and overpoch servers have begun shifting to the easy path with easy loot and lots of money. This is something that we and a lot of other players do not like. We have thereby decided to start our own exile server which focuses on making it challenging for players to buy and upgrade their territories, challenging to buy expensive vehicles and challenging to get money. Features: * Challenging missions * Challenging to get money * Advanced Rapellening * Advanced Urban Rapelling * Advanced Towing * Advanced Sling Loading * DS Houses (Almost all buildings are enterable). * Custom XM8 apps * NIArms * TRYK * Custom traders (done completely from scratch by us). * Custom economy (created from scratch by us). * Good performance. Connection info: IP: Port: 2302 Discord: Hope to see you on the server!