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    Questions from new admin

    First thing is that I have became a admin on a exile server and been tasked with making a community base for the low level players to use while starting out. How ever in order to make sure it is secure I need a lot of items that are rare to spawn in the open world. We don't use any admin tools other than what comes with arma and am wondering if anyone might be able to assist me with getting the items through the vanilla admin commands. Just for reference I am new to the vanilla admin menu. I am use to the infastar menu. Trying to get the concrete structure pieces, camera's, metal wire and H-block barriers.
  2. Dark Scale

    Laptop 3rd person

    After testing on 5 exile servers, the 3rd person keys I listed above didn't work for the toggle but when I asked a server admin about it he said that arma doesn't use the app key so I tested with that key instead. By using the App key it worked. I still have no idea why the toggle doesn't work for those other keys though. I even tested then to see if those keys worked for other things and they did work.
  3. Dark Scale

    Laptop 3rd person

    Sad thing is the default key setting for 3rd person is the Enter key on the numpad but due to I am using a laptop, I don't have a numpad. I will do the test on the other exile servers. I know my 3rd person key works when I play on KOTH, Altis Life, campaign (Single & Multi Player), and antistasi servers. I don't know why when I load exile and try to play on my friends server the 3rd person key doesn't work. I am sorry if this sounds weird but something is wrong. I will post if other exile servers work. I had made my toggle view key the following to test it. 3 as my normal usage, Home, Insert, F1, F2, and F3.
  4. Dark Scale

    Laptop 3rd person

    Others on the server can use 3rd person but seems only laptop users cant.
  5. Dark Scale

    Laptop 3rd person

    I use a laptop to play Arma and already had my toggle view button switched so I can use 3rd person. But when I use the exile mod, my 3rd person button doesn't work. I switched the button to a new key five times but to no avail. I checked to make sure it wasn't me by turning exile mod off to find the toggle view now works without the mod but doesn't work when exile loaded. I hope someone can help me.