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  1. Hello friends, after update my mission not starting, maybe who now about this problem? I have a3_dms 1.66
  2. sovcomrad

    Lose loot after disconnect

    Hello friends, help me pls. I have server Exile but my ppl after force disconnect or combat log or ALT+F4 have lost equip and loot? I want save it, mb who now when I changed? Thx
  3. Yes I have bad coord, im replace now. But I have new question. Say me pls, I wnat change spawn zombies, I want spawn zombies only in cities. Cuz now zombies spawn in forests and fields. Mb u know this parameter?
  4. Friends help me pls replace mission on island Skalistiy. I try change coord, but this not work ( EZM_Mission = [ //[4504,10333,150] // Mission [13585.7,32.458,2976.03] // Skalistiy ];
  5. sovcomrad

    Replace mission LOOT & DEATH

    its in rayanzombies mod .....
  6. sovcomrad

    Replace mission LOOT & DEATH

    Hi friends, help me pls....I cant replace mission to island Skalistiy, say me pls where I can change coordinates? thx!
  7. sovcomrad

    error in "ExileServerStartTime"

    I understand everything perfectly well that you told me that your program is working and so on. But the fact remains that in my assembly this parameter does not work and I ask for your help. And you suggest that I reassemble the assembly, this is not an option for me.
  8. sovcomrad

    error in "ExileServerStartTime"

    Hello friends in my rpt i have this error, and my server always start at 12 pm. Maybe who now about this error? 9:01:50 Error in expression <etDate !" + str(ExileServerStartTime)); setDate ExileServerStartTime; }; }; forc> 9:01:50 Error position: <setDate ExileServerStartTime; }; }; forc> 9:01:50 Error 6 elements provided, 5 expected
  9. sovcomrad

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    Friends help me with error in my rpt please:
  10. sovcomrad

    does not work useRealTime=1

    in RPT i see this: 9:01:51 Error in expression <se { if(_useRealTime isEqualTo 1)then { setDate ExileServerStartTime; }; }; forc> 9:01:51 Error position: <setDate ExileServerStartTime; }; }; forc> 9:01:51 Error 6 elements provided, 5 expected 9:01:51 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_weather_initialize.sqf, line 25 9:01:51 Weather was forced to change
  11. sovcomrad

    does not work useRealTime=1

    good, I have server machine in my office room ) maybe u can give me ur programm?)
  12. sovcomrad

    does not work useRealTime=1

    what the programm or script?
  13. sovcomrad

    does not work useRealTime=1

    Hello everyone, time on the server is not synchronized with the time in Windows, who can know what can be a problem? And the server after restart always starts with 12 pm
  14. sovcomrad

    Real time with night+stars after 11 pm hour to 4 am

    I understood about the bright night, but how do I make the night come from 21 to 4 in the morning?