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    GIA is a community for team oriented, friendly and mature members who play games like Arma III, Ark: Survival Evolved, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and more. We are an excellent source for discussion, technical support, live streaming and more. Join our gaming brotherhood of like minded individuals - a fun and safe environment for everyone. Visit our site for more details!


    What's up guys? GIA community here. We've been playing Exile, Epoch, and DayZ for a long time. We just decided we took things into our own hands. We were tired of inactive admins, and servers that were always restarted and offline. Not ours. We are growing we encourage you to come!  

    GIA - Namalsk is all about getting back to the "roots". Miss feeling afraid of dying? Miss the challenge? Namalsk is a new, refreshing map in Exile's repertoire - start with a beach spawn and no map (this could be considered hard core, but they are very easy to find). Come by and see the incredible FPS for yourself!

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