• =ADK= Exile Chernarus


    North America
    ? / 60
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    Server Specs:

    • Intel i7 4900k (8M Cache, 4.0 GHz)
    • Samsung Enterprise SSD for Speed & Efficiency
    • 32 GB Ram


    • Exile
    • ADK Texture Mod
    • CBA_A3
    • CUP Units
    • CUP Vehicle
    • CUP Weapons
    • CUP Terrain - Core
    • CUP Terrain - Maps


    • ADK Texture Mod - 30+ Base Skins for Wood, Reinforced and Concrete
    • ADK Texture Mod - 50+ Vehicle Skins for loads of vehicles
    • ADK Texture Mod - Increased Cargo Boats and Unarmed Jets
    • ADK Crafting XM8 App with Extra Buildables/Vehicles
    • ARMA 3 Version of the A2 Mozzie
    • Stats and Live In Game Scoreboard
    • Major Content Mod for Greater Selection of Vehicles, Weapons & Gear
    • Tow & Lift for Vehicles
    • Repair, Re-Arm and Refuel Service Stations
    • Balanced Prices across all Vehicles, Weapons & Gear
    • Custom NWAF, NEAF and Balota Map Edits
    • 4 Different AI Systems for Greater Selection
    • Custom Island Static Mission (Skalisty Island)
    • Custom Klen Static Mission
    • Revive Dead Players (Requires a Defibrillator)
    • Bury bodies (Requires a Shovel)
    • XM8 Apps (Journal, Apoc Airdrop, Deploy Bike, ADK Crafting, Recipes, Statusbar Customize)
    • Custom Craftables, Bandages, Can Opener and More
    • 100% Custom Trader Setups

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    User Feedback


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       3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

    Amazing server, Very active admins, constant updates, High pop, hard to get on during prime hours


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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    ADK is where it's at! Been playing for a while and Developing team and Admins are always fixing any issues and helping withing minutes! And that's what you need from a perfect server, active stuff :D

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       1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

    Not a bad server. Admins are highly active and if you hop in the TS they can get to you within 5 minutes typically. Great mods, decent fps and overall a nice experience here.

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