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    This is it. AFD's Premiere PVE Experience.

    Engage in combat against NPCs in a cutthroat world as you rise up the ranks an make a name for yourself among the Exiles.

    A collaboration between AFD Gaming and Omega Force Gaming Communities.


    If you have any questions or would like to give us a try, please feel free to visit us at the following locations:

    Exile Server IP:

    Website: http://afd-gaming.com



    Required Mods:

    Exile Mod

    Arma 3 CBA

    CUP Units

    CUP Weapons

    CUP Vehicles


    AFD Gaming's PVE Exile Server includes the following:

    • Dedicated Server with optimized scripting for Maximum Client and Server FPS!
    • PVE Combat.
    • Modified missions and AI actions not found on any other server.
    • A 50,000 poptab starting bonus for new players.
    • A wide range of Military-Style Vehicles, Weapons, and Gear available. Attack helicopters, IFVs, etc.
    • Custom Loot Spawns marked on map, overall very high loot all over map.
    • Custom Base Improvement catalog only found on AFD Gaming Servers. Purchase Concrete Mixers, Virtual Garage Slots, Defensive Turrets, Base Respawns, Teleportation Systems and more!
    • Balanced Item and Vehicle Pricing.
    • Player wages rewarded every ten minutes.
    • Roaming and Headhunter NPCs. (AI are on ground, in vehicles and in the air)
    • Virtual Garage.
    • All world-spawn vehicles are persistent.
    • Persistent Vehicle Repair and Ammunition with balanced ammo pricing.
    • Players can receive Emails containing cool prizes.
    • Bury bodies to gain additional respect.
    • Many fixes and improvements for issues found in Vanilla Exile.
    • Access your locker from your Base Laptop!
    • MarXet Peer-to-peer Marketplace. (also accessed from laptop)
    • Territory owners can safely pack up their own base without the need for an admin!
    • Ability to loot garbage piles for items.
    • Keep and install large mission crates in your base for storage
    • "Money" exchange for potabs. (1 money = 500 tabs, safes can store 1500 monies and tabs and money are exchanged at the trader office)
    • Growing and active PVE baseline and much MUCH more.

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