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    Arma Gods Gaming PVE

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    Arma Gods Gaming PVE

    Gameplay Over Content!
    This server is not aimed at rage quitters, so if you're not a hardened skilled player with a stiff upper lip then this server is probably not for you!!


    Server IP:

    ---Some Features---
    • A3XAi Roaiming Ai
    • CUP Weapons
    • Vcom Ai v3
    • DMS Mission System
    • VEMFr Town Invasion/Base Attacks
    • ZCP Missions
    • R3F Logistics
    • Controllable Bodyguard Ai
    • Enhanced Movement
    • Frenzied Mod Pack (FMP)
    • Sell Crate
    • Base Spawns
    • Vector Building
    • Mozzie Mod
    • Status Bar
    • More Spawn Locations
    • 14 Days Base Payments
    • Optional JSRS and BlastCore Usage
    • Deploy Vehicles based on rep levels
    • Advanced Urban Rappelling
    • Custom Missions

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    User Feedback

    Server admin is sgt.smasy horrible kid who cant get any criticism and ban is players for opening a steam discussion about server changes claiming this will change the server ideology LOL, if making changes in a trader could change ideology maybe we can suggest that US will try that with ISIS ideology or other radical groups ideology.

    sgt.smasy i hope this will show you how stupid is what coming from your head.

    i suggest you start take criticism as positive thing learn from it and improve i assure you, you dont know nothing about software script kid.

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    Almost everything on the server is there because of player requests! Even a couple of things i changed because you asked e.g trader content/ rep level lose on death, the moment someone has a opinion against yours you rage and lose the plot and become toxic! You only have to look at your game reviews to see this https://steamcommunity.com/id/RedSiskin/recommended/107410/


    You was not banned for opening a steam discussion! Lets get it right you was banned for being rude and offensive more than once and that is against server rules, and the strawpoll everyone picked ban! You keep calling me a kid when you only show the behaviour of one who don't always get their own way! You don't let anyone actually discuss!

    The ideology of the server has nothing to do with the wall at traders, i clearly said "it was to stop Ai and you from trashing the traders, after a couple of players complained that it looks messy" Learn to read and comprehend what you read!

    If you acted like a grown up like the rest of the players on the server you wouldn't be banned! you're the only person who moans about things being made more hard that other players laugh at you about it! i really didn't want to have to ban you but you and the other players gave me no choice! And you're the only person i've ever banned.

    I hope you can mature and learn from this that you should not be rude and offensive the moment you don't get your own way!

    Oh and by the way Tim likes the traders map edit and wants more added!

    Edited by Sgt Smash

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    Now with changeable seasons as the week goes

    Mon-Wed Summer Chernarus

    Wed-Fri Autumn Chernarus

    Fri-Sun Winter Chernarus (New Cup Version)

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