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    [US] [Aop] Clan Warfare 
    Server IP:
    Server Port: 2302

    Intro video for the server, gives you some more information:



    *Bobcat is not purchasable or static. It's a mission reward. It's gone on restart.

    Hello, we're a gaming community who opened up a new exile server. We're looking for people to join and play with us. 

    Some things about us:

    Dedicated Server - no lag, high fps.
    Active admins on the server, we're always online. Our average age is around 28.
    A comprehensive set of anti-hacks, both paid and our own custom anti hacks to ensure your playing experience is fair and balanced. 

    Server rules: There are no server rules. Other than the standard - no glitching or hacking.

    Some things on our server:

    A2 buildings replaced.
    Increased Loot Spawns.
    Custom Missions.
    Capture Points.
    Advanced Towing.
    Increased Vehicles Spawns (With helicopters).
    Custom server and client edits.
    Unsafe Black market traders.
    Virtual Garage
    Base Spawn Locator

    More added consistently. 

    Server IP:
    Server Port: 2304

    Cups Vehicles
    Cups Weapons
    Cups Units
    TRYK's Multi-play uniforms
    Extended Base Mod
    Cups Terrains Maps
    Cups Terrains Core

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       3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

    Awesome vehicle selection with CUP's vehicles.   Good FPS because of minor amount of scripts.  Overall great server with a lot of customization!   Lots of PVP!!

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    Awesome server! Active admins who are almost always around and willing to help with SERIOUS issues (they like to play too). The fact that there are very little server rules (just no hacking, glitching, duping) helps tremendously. There isn't constant whines for admins because someone's feelings got hurt in a trader zone, or they got killed exactly 499 meters from a trader zone where there are rules saying otherwise. This is a huge plus, and creates a much better environment .

    In my experience the admins and server hosts have been very receptive and open to respectful and thought out feedback. They ask for opinions from the player base on the forums, and seem to make major decisions regarding the server with the opinions of the player base in mind. It is probably one of the best Exile servers I have played on so far, and the first that I can remember I have enjoyed enough to take the time to give a positive review on (so I guess that says something).

    Highly recommend the server. Great admins, great mods, great missions.

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    Loads of fun! mixed with highly competitive players along with laid back people to have fun with! Defiantly come say hi and check the server out! drop by in the TS also! don't be afraid to ask to group of with people also, so solo players come join! Love it!

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       1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

    If you enjoy a server were you get shot from over 1400 meters repeatedly while driving a truck going over 80 KPH, and if you enjoy your helli being shot down from free fire rockets from 3K out, then this is the server for you. Active Admins, Horrid vehicle DEsync, and people will steal from you in safe zones and flip your vehicle over because there are no rules in the safe zone.

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    Great Server.  Great for PvP.  The Vehicle Missions are awesome.   It ran so well it inspired me to try and start a server, and now I realize how much work these guys have put into this server.  

    BTW.  Lunchbox,  Thanks for "Pay Announce".  

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    · Edited by Corbin_Dallas


    Had to change my original review. Things were good but as of lately this server is going down hill. A lot of glitching, safe zone stealing and in influx of toxic players that simply just want to annoy people and admin doesn't seem to care. I had to leave. 



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    At first I joined to just mess around at balota when TPG was full, I ended up playing here daily as I feel its a much better server. The admins are as good as they come, holding random fun events and helping people quickly while maintaining a comedic presence with their players. The pvp is top notch with static rewarding missions, and random high grade military vehicle missions. Side chat has the occasional "I have over 1000 Hours, so I'm good" talkers, and its super fun to troll them, they allow safezone stealing/camping which is awesome too, and you have a selection of unsafe vendors to sell your loot at. Makes for a tense few moments when you hop out of that lav to sell. All in all best server out there imo. Come check it out!


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