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    Greetings guys,

    Arma-X ExileMod is currently in development but at the same time, accepting members to play!


    • Hiring highly-driven Administrators & Moderators
    • Private Testers
    • Dedicated Server - 64GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM, 480GB SSD, Intel i7-6700K CPU, with 2 DDoS Protected IP Addresses (European Server). We will be extending to USA too.
    • Discord Only - https://discord.gg/ZqxQKjE
    • Traders = Safezone
    • Roaming AI / Trader
    • AI Missions, Convoys & terrorities.
    • Custom Scripts (Soon to come)
    • Many more custom scripts to be implemented.
    • InfiSTAR + XM8 Custom Apps


    This doesn't mean the development ends here, we have PLENTY of work where the development will NEVER end. Currently will be using ExileMod + Third Party scripts & mods but we will be developing custom scripts after the main core of the server is out to the public. We will accept any suggestions and feedback, whether it's good or bad.

    Currently, myself (RastaLulz) will be the singular owner of this server - hiring Administrators & Moderators to help out within game and within discord.

    Website: https://arma-x.com

    See you in the battlefield!

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