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    Bohemia has released ArmA 3 a while ago, but there weren't really any decent DayZ-reminiscent mods around… until very recently! With the promotion of FrankieOnPCIn1080p, a mod called "Exile" quickly gained traction, and is now run on ONE THIRD of all ArmA 3 servers. A particular addition to that mod introduced something that I had almost lost hope of ever seeing in ArmA 3 since DayZ went standalone, actual and good performing zombies! I'm talking about Ryan Dombrowsky's "Zombies and Demons" addon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9UDsV4-yws

    This video shows the mod's sheer capabilities of spawning HUNDREDS of zombie AI with proper animations, and of course it is also worth watching because it's accompanied by MAD MAX's movie soundtrack : D


    That in combination with the "Exile" base-mod (which is in VERY active development), all the weapon- and map-packs from ArmA 2, and a our favorite Switzerland-themed and pretty map named "Napf", yields a new exciting approach to the idea of survival against the undead.


    So what's different server-wise? This time, we have Bulgarian friends who also happen to be programmers on board, and who kindly agreed to host this fun experience on their own very powerful custom PC, running Intel's latest i75820k CPU. That means, we don't rely on donations and can pretty much run this server indefinitely! So shout out to them! : D


    Another neat thing about ArmA 3's technical advances is that it's now very easy to offload AI to either a different process on the same machine or entirely onto a different machine that doesn't even have to be on the same network. What this means is that one could theoretically run several hundreds of AI. For that purpose, we offloaded the AI calculations to two separate clients, so called "headless clients".


    This is probably the video that made the base-mod viral: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCrEc8u6mpg

    But in contrast to most other servers, we've balanced the loot-table to give you a more ArmA 2 Epoch-like experience.


    Add me on steam if you like: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066601120/

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    Carlos Vargas

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    Very good server with friendly admins.

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