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    Hello everyone in the Exile Mod world! I decided to start up my old exile server again due to old members asking it be revived. (Ghost, Irish, Vulcan and many others) Anyways, since then I have decided to move it from a Windows OS to a Linux OS, and let me tell you it was a real humdinger setting it all up.. good thing is I was able to finally get everything going.

    Connection Details:

    Host name: b3xiled.com Port: 2302

    IP Address: Port: 2302

    So what does the server offer? What MODs does the server have? Which ones do I need?

    Serverside MODs (DON'T need to download)

    • Exile Mod: The mod we all know and love of course (By the Exile Mod Dev Team)
    • Vb: Vector Building (By MGT)
    • DMS: Defent's mission system: AI Mission system (By Defent)
    • ExO: Exile Occupation: Roaming AI and Dynamic Loot Crates +Helicopter Taxi Service (By secondcoming)
    • ExAd: Exile Addon Client: Virtual Garage, Grinding Locks, Full Customization of the Status Bar +Much More (By Bjanski)

    Clientside MODs (NEED to download and enable/load into ArmA3 before joining the server)

    • APEX: Using the Tanoa map, must have APEX installed (BiStudio DEVs)
      Purchase/Install >> ( ArmA3 DLC )
    • Advanced Rappelling: Adds support for helicopter rappelling. (by sethduda)
      Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop )
    • Advanced Urban Rappelling: Rappel off anything that's more than 4-5m high. This includes buildings, cliff, towers, etc.  (by sethduda)
      Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop )
    • Advanced Towing: Adds support for towing vehicles using ropes. (by sethduda)
      Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop )
    • Advanced Sling Loading: Full replacement for in-game sling loading. (by sethduda)
      Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop )
    • Enhanced Movement: Allows you to parkour in ArmA3 (By badbenson)
      Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop )
    • Enhanced Movement Compatible EXILE PBO: Fix that allows you to parkour on EXILE servers (By badbenson)
      Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop )


    I know it looks like a lot, but I just wanted to make sure I covered everything, please join our community as it is a great one!

    Kind Regards,


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