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     You were an employee at the Jurassic Park Velociraptor breeding center on Tanoa's main Island.
                 After the raptors broke loose, the island was evacuated. The military contractors attempted
                 to hold the deadly animals back, but were overrun and abandoned the island. Now, rivals attempting to steal
                 dinosaur DNA have invaded the island, while company helicopters fly overhead attempting to kill the raptors
                 and any survivors who might tell the public of their blunder.
                 Your evacuation helicopter was shot down by the rival company's planes as you escaped the island.
                 Now you must survive the elements, hostile military contractors, and deadly loose raptors to survive.
                 The quickly evacuated island provides plenty, but do you have what it takes?


    Battleborne Jurassic Park Exile - Raptor Survival



    Features include:

    • Deadly Raptor Packs!
    • AI Patrols seeking to kill any survivors
    • AI fight dinosaurs!
    • Extended crafting
    • Loot tables modified to be more realistic to a survival scenario
    • Craftable territory flags
    • Infistar Anti-hack
    • Shortend night cycle (no day votes)
    • Towing and lifting
    • Xm8 Apps


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