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    At Beatnik Bandits we strive for simplicity, realism, and gameplay performance with our servers. We are proud to offer our twist on the A3 Exile mod and hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do! Our servers are staffed with experienced admins, have lots of roaming and mission AI, and are accessible to veteran and brand new players alike.

    "Easy is boring!"

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    Great server and game-play.  Admins run a tight ship...a very good thing.  Keeps problems to a minimum.


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     As a long time fan of the Beatnik Bandits all the way from Epoch to the glorious Exile mod that we have today I can way without a doubt that this is the best goddamn PvE server! If you're looking for a challenge while also being in great company then the Beatnik Bandits are for you!

     You won't have to worry about Trolls, Griefers, Cheaters, or Admins who do nothing about troublemakers because the admins at the Beatnik Bandits have a "No Bullshit" mentality so if you have a bad attitude then leave it out the door otherwise you'll be seeing that door sooner than you'd think.

    Now if you think the A.I's are chumps in Beatnik Bandits then you'd be very poorly mistaken. The A.I's are relentless if you run they'll pursue you, if you're behind cover they'll flank you, if you're in a entrenched position they'll get to you. In Beatnik Bandits easy is boring and we like it that way! 

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    t's one of the best server that I have ever played in. Few things to support my statement.

    There's a saying in Beatniks, "Easy is boring". when I first got in, I found that out real fast. AIs are tough, you're always in constant danger. Driving from one point to another isn't the easiest, you will never know what you will meet on the road or in the Air.

    The owners and admins are "old" people. the server is not run by 16 - 35 years old folks, it's run by people that are above 50s. There's a need of maturity in the server. They have been running servers since A2. Community is great in the server, players help out each other. One of the reason why this server is the best server.

    Level of tolerance for PVP/stealing/destorying player's properties are None.

    This is not those server that within a week or two, you'll be so OP in the server that you will get bored and leave arma/exile mod. I have been playing for over a year in the server and I still get my ass kick by every week.

    OP? Server is so well balanced that nothing will be consider as OP.

    Trolls are hard to come by. Why you may ask? Beatnik is so tough and challenging that trolls can't stand a chance to even survive fighting the AIs, let alone trolling. Once in a while strong trolls survive,  but admins are constantly watching the server, they will be caught real fast.

    If you're those type of players that constantly need hand outs/whinning about how tough the AIs is/PVP. This is not the server for you.

    If you're those type of players posses the level of maturity and wants challenge and good community in Exile Mod. This will be the server for you.

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