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    Blackheartsgaming is a multi-national gaming community that has been together since 2005.  We have hosted servers for the last 11 years ranging from Battlefield 2, 3, 4, Hardline, Vanilla DayZ, DayZ Epoch, and now Arma3 Exile.

    • Server running on a dedicated VPS - Xeon E5-2690 v2 @ 3 GHz with 8 Gigs of Ram and SSD for maximum FPS.  Monitored 24/7 by custom written Anti-Hack software.
    • New players start with 15K tabs
    • Territory protection is free.  Must pay once every 45 days in game or on our website to maintain your territory.
    • Custom pricing.
    • Roaming AI.
    • Custom one of a kind mission system.
    • Additional traders.
    • Player Rewards Program for various categories once per week.
    • Additional Arma3 vehicles and weapons.
    • Server and player statistics on the website.
    • Active Admins with years of experience running multi-player based servers.

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    Where do I begin with this server...

    I don't usually play on clan-owned servers because those that I have come across are usually run poorly. The admins on clan-owned servers nine times out of ten favor the clan member over the non-clan member. Clan members usually get a slap on the wrist for rule violations, etc. Blackhearts Gaming is no different, in fact it leads the charge in these things.

    I came very close to applying to be an admin on this server and spoke in great lengths with the server owner and the other admins. I quickly retracted any desire I may have once had for contributing to this community after realizing who and what this clan really is. This is who they are and what the Blackhearts server is about:

    1. The server lacked a serious amount of balance when my crew of about six played there.
    2. Heaven forbid you add a suggestion in their "Exile Server Suggestions" forum that members of the clan don't agree with, you get mocked and ridiculed by the clan on the forums and later in game until you have enough and just leave the server. (http://blackheartsgaming.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1521)
    3. The majority of the killing and base raiding is done by clan members because they and their non-clan member groupies make up the bulk of the consistent server population. I get that clan members want to play as well and they absolutely should be able to, however, when the clan itself continually bully and torment other players in side chat, what good is it? I'm all for shit talking every now and again, but Blackheart members are the true definition of sidechat cancer.
    4. Don't let the server population fool you. Blackhearts maintain a higher server population because they ONLY run Exile on their server. Many of the players who play on Blackhearts join because its easy access. Just download Exile and you're in. The clan knows this and thrive because they enjoy preying on new players. Not just new to Blackhearts but new to Arma in general. There is no doubt in my mind that a good bulk of the Blackhearts clan members would suffer great losses on other servers. They've become too accustom to preying on new Arma players. I've spoken with many people in game and through steam that said that Blackhearts was their first taste of Exile and in some cases Arma in general.
    5. Some of the Blackhearts members are not that bad individually, but once in a group setting the majority of them are insufferable, owner included at times. 
    6. Blackhearts boasts a Code of Ethics on their website and I can literally recall with great detail clan members violating multiple lines of their own codes of ethic on many many occasions. So much so that it's laughable that they still have a link to them. Many of which have been brought to the owner's attention to see nothing come of it. (http://blackheartsgaming.com/CodeofEthics)
    7. The server owner is aware that the clan and even more specifically select individuals in the clan torment the server populace regularly via insufferable sidechat trolling that NEVER ends and various forms of griefing and does nothing to stop it. He just flat out enables it and for some reason is scared to call some of the certain members out. The insane truly run the asylum at Blackhearts. 
    8. The server has serious lag issues. So much so that the server is set to be locked 15 minutes prior to restart which contributes to an extremely long restart process.

    I would be remissed if I didn't mention a couple of the good things the server does offer:

    1. Blackhearts is one of the few servers that I've played on that allows you to craft walls and sell them for tabs. I found this to be a good time vs. reward type feature. 
    2. The Blackhearts website allows you to pay your territory flag remotely. You can also delete your territory flag from the website as well.
    3. The server owner is almost always accessible.
    4. I have NEVER EVER witnessed any cases of admin abuse. There is no doubt in my mind that if certain clan members had admin abilities they would abuse them without hesitation. That's just the type of people in that clan. The server owner knows this too and restricts those abilities to certain members who are trustworthy. Admin abuse is frequently shouted in sidechat when someone dies at the hands of a player with a BH tag, but 99-100% of the time the killer is a clan member without admin abilities.
    5. It is easy for new Exile players to get their feet wet on an exile server due to Exile being the only mod on the server. I however wholeheartedly would advise new players to try a different server. There are THOUSANDS of better servers than Blackhearts.

    And as Theomars already pointed out, the first four five-star reviews are all from BH members. Two of which are admins and the other two being some of the biggest violators of their own codes of ethic. The one person with the shortest review is pretty much the ring leader of the most cancerous clique within the clan and arguably the most prolific sidechat troll on the server. 

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    pending review

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    Good, tough, server with lots of challenging mission of various difficulty levels! Multiple traders and a no base fee. Excellent admins.

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    Gnrl Havoc

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    Blackhearts run a great server. The clan founder is very helpful and takes all issues seriously. New players start with 15k Tabs and have a chance each week to win extra tabs and respect. Able to trade tabs via the blackhearts website (assuming you registered and added you UID into your profile). Able to pay territory/protection fees via the website as well. The server runs several missions at once with varied mission difficulty, common to rare or exotic loot, increased AI difficutly and increasing amount of AI at harder missions. There are roaming AI on foot as well as roaming AI Air vehicles and ground vehicles. Blackhearts community are also very friendly. If you have a question, you can always ask in-game or on their clan websites forum. http://blackheartsgaming.com/default.asp

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    Here are our server rules.

    Please follow these basic rules while on the server. 

    If found guilty of breaking a rule this may result in death of character, loss of gear/vehicle, poptab/respect fines, temporary or permanent bans. 

    Admins have full discretion when making decisions.

    • No Duping, Glitching or Hacking of any kind.
    • Vehicles left in traders will be up for sale after restart.
    • No base building within 1Km of traders and 500m of military bases, industrial, mission or at high loot areas.
    • You must pay your protection money to maintain your base every 45 days or your territory will be removed from the server.
    • Base raiding is allowed.  It's a harsh world full of criminals.  Protect what is yours.
    • Absolutely no racist remarks, we have a zero tolerance policy. If your warned, consider yourself lucky. Racism or Bigotry of ANY kind (which includes anything that attacks anyone's race, religion, or sexual orientation) will result in a perma-ban. Squad HTML's depicting negative stereotypes of any race/religion/group will also result in a perma-ban.

    A Special Note on Trader Zones.
    Trader zones are for your convenience to allow you to conduct business without being attacked or damaged. They are NOT SAFE ZONES in which you can flee to avoid combat. If you are engaged by players prior to entering the safe zone, you must stand your ground and fight, or flee the area.  Admin discretion will be used in these cases.

    Do not steal or attempt to steal from other players or their vehicles in the trader areas. 

    Do not enter another players vehicle in the trader.

      If it's not yours don't touch it.Do not incite another player into an altercation in the trader zone.

    Do not ram other players vehicles in the trader zone.

    Greifing other players in the trader zone or just being a jerk won't be tolerated.  Let other players conduct their business and leave the area.
    Do not bounce in and out of the zone attempting to incite another player into an altercation in or outside the trade zone. There is no arbitrary line where you are "safe". Admin discretion will be used in disputes concerning this matter.

    Do not loiter in the traders. Conduct your business and leave the area.

    Players camping the trader zones looking for easy kills will be dealt with swiftly and severely. There is a difference to camping and ambushing players. Admin discretion will be used in these cases.


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    The four reviews bellow are all from the server owner's clan.

    If you are looking for a server with:

    - An abusive admin who is always flying a Blackfoot / Kajman and seems to have endless amount of those choppers;

    - Clan members with bases around spawn areas camping fresh spawn players;

    - Shitty FPS, stuck on 5 FPS bug.

    - Half the server being in the clan that owns the server, so you won't find them on a mission, they will always have gear and will be camping spawn areas.

    That's the server for you.

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    Challenging server with an active, dynamic player base with some incredible PvP moments. Many different ways to make poptabs, from missions of various difficulty(and loot value) to roaming AI to ambushing other players on the roads. Blackhearts is a custom experience(with many custom features) with an excellent economy and balance to provide plenty of challenge for the experienced Exile player. 

    I started as a public noob in early 2016 and have played there since. Leeroy Jenkins tactics don't fly here. The successful players on Blackhearts are not reckless. They plan, they work together, and they execute. Players that rush in guns blazing with no plan generally don't live long. 

    Some players think the Blackhearts clan are all admins and abuse admin powers. That simply isn't true. Most clan players have put in a lot of hours, and they have the resources to show for it. But mostly, they work together. Hard work pays off here, no question, but teamwork is the biggest weapon on this server and will win the day. Bring friends and you will find a lot of fun(and loot!) to be had.

    See you out there...

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    Full disclosure... I joined the Blackhearts Community recently. 

    That being said.  The server is very well run.  I have played in many servers on many different mods from Arma 2 and now on Arma 3.  The admins here are very active, helpful, and decent people.  This is not a common thing, in my experience.  Most servers there are hardly admins on them at all. Most servers are rampant with people griefing other players in safe zones and/or using known exploits or glitches.  You will not find this on this server.  Anyone doing these things is dealt with swiftly (provided there is proof or server logs to validate claims).  


    Just my opinion on what really makes or breaks a server... the people that run it.


    If you are looking for a server that is tastefully modded and an active (mature) community.  Give this a try... you will be glad you did.

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