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    Server is currently offline and being reworked.


    BNDT.net|Exile Dayz Overpoch Revamped|Zombies|Missions|NoLaunchers|SpawnATV|Cup|HighLoot|Tow|Ranks|MatureAdmins

    What is BNDT.net?
    BNDT.net is a new community trying to bring the Arma 2 Overpoch feeling we know everyone loved to arma 3 using Exile. By this we mean all the weapon and vehicle balances plus an economy that had years to develop. High loot, low threshold game play but still lots of end game content for regulars. Plus lots of vehicular combat with our hand picked selection of armed and armored vehicles.


    * Zombies
    * Custom Economy based on Overpoch 
    * Custom loot table based on Dayz and Overpoch
    * Good old Trader city Bor/Bash/Stary/Klen
    * Random Dayz spawn system (no parachute ,coast only)
    * Reduced bleed out timer
    *Custom thirst/hunger rate
    * Spawn ATV
    * Towing script
    * No rocket launchers

    * No thermals
    * No 3D markers, learn to communicate

    * No rain
    * Dawn till dusk, no NVGs needed
    * Good ping both for EU and US players
    * Great FPS
    * Custom map additions


    What do you mean by end game content?

    * No explosives at traders (this is the new baseraid tool of arma - you may find them at missions)

    * No anti-material or high caliber weapons at traders (you may find them at missions or as a very rare loot spawn)


    Work in progress!
    Please keep in mind that this server is work in progress. We will not rush out new features or mods before they are balanced and free of dupes and other sort of bugs. We've seen too many servers by now that just rush "content" out there to make people happy. But there's little thought or balance behind adding that content. We will slowly release new content to the server and update it as we've fine tuned stuff on our dev server.

    Coming Soon: 
    * Bandit and Hero traders without safezones
    * Advance Banking
    * Humanity system
    * Hand picked and tested armed/armored vehicles from Arma 2

    Mods needed:
    Exile 0.9.6. Pomelo
    AllinArmaTerrainpack (both full and lite work)
    Ryan Zombies and demons 4.1( download the newest update 25 march 2016!!!!)
    Cup weapons 1.5 (Turn off CBA because it wil get you kicked)

    Or use A3 launcher.

    Help us make the server better
    We would very much appreciate it if you could post if you liked or did not like the server and tell us how we can improve.




    Recent changes:

    March 25:

    *Updated Ryan Zombies and demons to 4.1

    *Some price tweaks


    March 20:

    *Updated Ryan Zombies and demons to 4.0

    *Updates to the loot table.


    March 17:
    * Fixed :gap in respect levels
    * Minor price adjustment on certain items
    * Lowered : loot spawn as it was CRAZY amounts
    * Adjusted :some loot despawn timers
    * Adjusted :friendly fire respect loss
    * Fixed :restraining people giving negative respect
    * Removed: shitty weather (sun and good times ahead)
    * Removed :some code that was bugging out
    * Added :cup weapons to loot table
    * Added :a tiny chance of finding explosives (tripwires and such)
    * Adjusted :thirst hunger rate tweaked.

    * WIP : Kick dead body's from vehicle upon death


    Testing and events in progress:



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    The server runs great, FPS is great, its a challenge and PVP is highly encouraged. 

    What is written is true, lots of stuff still in the works for the future like CUP units and CUP vehicles. CUP weapons are already in :)

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    Sir Ropey

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    I've been playing on this server for a while now, and I have to say after trying many other Exile servers this is the one I now play on the most.

    The player base has a nice mix, there are those who will team up and help with missions, objectives or even picking you up after you've been killed, and then there are those who will just plan and simply shoot you in the back.

    The server performs brilliantly with consistently high FPS and has a very nice balance of installed MODS which offer a great Exile experience, oh and the Admin team are also great, always friendly and helpful, 10/10 guys keep up the great work..!

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    This is how we said "Happy birthday Founder" :)

    These guys are great!


    The server runs smoothly, no lag and with great FPS, thumbs up for the performance!

    PVP is highly encouraged but if you need help people will join in and give you a hand, which is great if you're new to Exile or to the server.

    Join in and have some fun!

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