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    Gaming International Association is all about the experience you get playing Arma. We live for the type of experiences you have, and find yourself laughing  about years later with good beer and good company. Our goal is to give you *that* kind of nostalgic experience.

    We provide a server with zombies that do not lag/break the server and tons of cool vehicles to chose from - backed by Exile. It all happens on the beautiful, nostalgic NAPF map loaded with custom cities, traders, and loot spawns. Our server has a more original "survival" feel that still makes PVP a blast and rewards looting.  We've also packed your XM8 with tons of new, cool features including an app that will alert your mobile phone if your base is being raided.

    Just as important to the experience is the *performance*. Frankly, I'm sick of servers saying "great FPS". The fact is, ours is unparalleled. We only run our servers on a dedicated machine with minimum 32GB of DDR4 and enterprise SSD's. Come see for yourself why users are getting over 70FPS on 4k.

     When we say "active admins" we mean it! We are available in game, on Discord, and we even have a mobile number where you can reach out to us with questions or concerns that texts our moderator team.

    So come join us, and see why we're "Bringin' NAPF Back!"

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