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    Tactical Rabbits Coalition: Chernarus Redux PVP Server


    Following the 2042 nuclear war in the Balkans, the belligerent Russian Federation re-organized into a Neo-Soviet bloc of states and began exerting its remaining power on neighboring nations. Neo-Soviet backed militia forces increase tensions in the small border state of Chernarus as a pretense to seize petroleum resources. Neo-Soviet militias clash against the wasteland dwelling Pro-Chernorussian nationalist faction in the wake of the nuclear fallout. 


    • Chernarus Redux: the ultimate in post-apocalypse Chernarus maps. 
    • Engaging PVP.
    • Custom painting for base walls,bags, uniforms and vehicles.
    • Vector building.
    • Custom extended base mod pricing structure.
    • Capture points.
    • Custom view distance app. 
    • Movable crates & boxes.
    • Player revive system.
    • Vehicle repair & refuel.
    • Mission system.
    • A3 Launcher listed: get all of your mods in one place and log on. 
    • Embedded PUBG styled compass HUD. 
    • Custom spawn points. 
    • Our highly active staff are adults that understand the value of customer service.
    • Custom trade zones hand built by our team to fit our server theme. 
    • Custom stats bars and modified Exile UI. 
    • 60 player slots
    • Part of a greater gaming community of 400 members. Never play alone!
    • 4 hour restart.

    Required Mods:

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    About Tactical Rabbits Coalition:

    Tactical Rabbit Coalition (TRC) was founded at the beginning 2017 by members with deep roots in the ARMA community. Our founding staff members met on community servers and saw that none of those servers provided a stable environment conducive to a player's needs. We operate an Exile server, several Patrol Ops mod servers as well as sponsor an in-house competitive PUBG team, community XBOX division with intent to expand to new game servers. Come for the games, stay for the community!

    Website: www.tacticalrabbits.com

    Server Rules: rules

    Discord: discord.me/tacticalrabbits

    Exile Server IP:

    Port: 2342


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    i seen TRC advertise on twitter that they had some big news coming at their community meetings, so i decided to attend, and they announced that they have updated their exile server, The server is beautiful, smooth as a babies bum. I'm looking forward to see these rabbits in action. Happy Looting!

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