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    Highly customized Exile with survival aspects and an aim for a balanced and fun gameplay with a Cold War 2.0 theme and of course zombies, because everything needs zombies!!!!
    The server is still in beta phase, but we will finish it soon !



    ### Features ###
    * Semi-Militarized (No jets, tanks, auto lock-on launchers)
    * Loot-table & loot positions are build from scratch and will be further optimized for balance & playability
    * Extended loot spawn system (Chance to spawn loot in crates)
    * Big amount & variety of gear due RHS and NIArms mods (Plausible selection of gear (for example no desert gear)
       (Hundreds of different weapons and dozens of different grenades and explosives)
    * A3XAI and VCOMAI (Roaming AI and AI behaviour with custom tweaks)
    * Custom DMS missions
    * Ravage Zombies (with Loot)
    * Persistent time & seasons & weather
    * Custom respect spawn loadouts
    * ENIGMA Revive
    * Enhanced Movement
    * Extended Exile crafting (more complex and costly recipes)
    * Dynamic locker (More respect = more locker capacity)
    * MarXet (Player market) & MostWanted (Bounty)
    * Persistent vehicle spawning (Random damage,fuel, ammo and items in the inventory)
    * Advanced repair system (You need wheels,engine,fuel tank etc.)
    * Advanced towing
    * Vehicle Service Station (Repair,re-arm or refuel for poptabs)
    * Salvage wrecks (get resources if you have the right tools)
    * Custom heli crash & drop
    * Extended Base Mod (Without Solar-tower and other stupid stuff)
    * Vector-building and automatic tree removing in you territory (Inform Admins to turn it off for you if you don't want it)
    * Base respawn (15 mins cooldown)
    * No thermals
    * Active admins & dev with over 8k hours of exile experience together
    * and many other tweaks for balance and fun

    + Server is listed on A3L
    + Required mods list (SteamWorkshop)

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