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    Welcome to DayZ Redemption.

    Are you fed up with playing servers with no admins and half working scripts?

    Are you fed up with having no input to the server after playing for hours on end?

    Do you want to go back to back to the DayZ roots and play a server with scripts that make it happen? 

    Do you want a server that is unique? 

    Well look no further. The guys at DayZ redemption have listened to all of the players who have been joining and put together a fantastic server!

    They have taken all the gaming experience of playing DayZ and Exile and combined it into a server that will keep you working and grinding, doing fun stuff and  in return will  make you feel that when you leave for the day you have achieved  things you wouldn't on most server. 

    So what can they offer?

    1- When you spawn in you will be put into a rank class 

    The Garbageman Rep 1000/2499 Items: Canteen of Coffee Chicken and Rice container(edited)
    The Fireman Rep 2500/4999 Items: Canteen of Coffee Rice and Chicken Container Axe
    The apocalypse reporter Rep 5000/7999 Items: Map Radio BBQSandwich Cooked Water Bottle Can opener Camera
    The Aid Worker Rep 8000/12999 Items: Map Radio Water Bottle BBQSandwich Cooked Bandage Instadoc First Aid Kit(edited)
    The Mall Cop Rep 13000/17999 Items Map Radio Cheatas Coke ( the drink ) Colt 1911 Colt mags x4
    The Hunter Rep 18000 Items: Map Compas Radio Snake filet Goat Steak Rabbit Steak Water Bottle CZ550 Farmer`s Sniper Rifle 4 Fresh mags out of a barn(edited)
    The Doomsday Prepper Rep 28000 Items Mp7 with 4 mags Map Compass Radio Axe Can Opener Canned Food x3 Plastic bottle water Caryall Backpack(edited)

    2- MarXet Traders that all the players need to grind and sell or buy in order to get what they want.



    3 - Players can scavenge all around the map to find loot even in places that loot is rare.

    Need a drink? Well.. it`s better than drinking your piss.
    Scavenge trough pipes with a grinder, you might find some metal poles
    Scavenge dumpsters
    Scavenge furniture
    Scavenge garbage piles
    Scavenge for cinder, sledgehammer required
    Scavenge trough wrecks, Mil wrecks will have a spawn chance of nice military loot
    Got a handsaw? Go scavenge some wood stacks

     4 - Custom crafting that includes making your own Zombie Apocalypse Vehicles. Plus the loved or hated Mozzie ;)




     5 - They have also brung back and modified the Dayz Heli-crashs with armed guards for that rare loot such as M107s .



    6 - They have also have there own custom DMS missions to suit the server. 

    7 -  There discord channel is always there for players to get help from admins ( who have the app on their phones) and to discuss what they would like to see in the future. 

    8 - Zombies that are made for the server to keep players on their toes and they also have the hordes at the custom loot box.



     9 - 90% of the loot that is picked up can be crafted into something including Ghillie suits,Ak47s, insta-docs and many more.

    10 - Your flag and vehicles will stay on the server for 365 days and  you will not need to pay the rent for 365 days. This way you do not have worry about making tons of cash and just focus on the survival aspect of the game. 



    So if anyone out there is looking for a DayZ/zombie apocalypse style server with active admins, plenty to do then come join the fun ;) 

    DayZ Redemption|25k|MarXet-Traders|Custom-Loot





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    I don't use do forums, so I have made this account just to do so, but I have to give credit were credit is due.

    This server brings you the old feeling of Dayz and exile in the one game. from the moment I started the server I noticed that the players were not assholes and that the admins would answer you back in 10 mins either on the server its self,discord or the in game rcon.

    After that I saw the map Chernarus redux at its best with all the new features I seen the work and effort that  the guys have put in from the zeds to the loot to the missions to the AI. It is a great server and I hope it stays here for a good length of time. 


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