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    Why waste your time in typical Exile servers with admins useless as tits on a bull, communities worse than than your bucktoothed in-laws, and lag slower than a truck stuck in four feet of mud?

    Grab a beer and join us at Dirty South Gaming Exile for PvP and PvE, bloody clan feuds and lone-wolf hunts, active admins and developers, no pay-to-win nonsense, and most of all - no damn hassle.

    Get ready for custom, lag-free features like:

    Exile Mod - currently the most popular PvP/survival Arma3 mod.

    CUP weapons/vehicles/units - brings back the Arma2 weapons and vehicles you know and love.

    Chop wood direct to vehicle - we've got better things for you to do than play with your wood.

    Extended Base Mod - more buildings for your personal Alamo.

    Custom admin-hosted events - flex nuts, win prizes.

    DMS missions & roaming AI with great loot - fight your way to the top instead of farming loot buildings for weeks.

    IgiLoad - haul your crates in vehicles and choppers.

    Vehicle towing and lifting - show off your horsepower, get babes.

    Virtual Garage - protects your Chevy from glitching troll-kids while you're logged out.

    Spawn with black suit and gun- Bambi's got teeth.

    21 day plot protection - your base will still be here when you get back from the hog hunt.

    Spawn near great loot and vehicles - less running simulator, more action.

    CBA - enables many of our custom features.

    Much, much more - see for yourself.


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