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    District Se7en proudly presents and ArmA 3 Namalsk Exile Server!


    I started this server with the purpose of trying to revive the old style DayZ servers where it is more survival based rather than high loot/PvP based.
    So with that in mind, loot is scarce, weather conditions such as fog, overcast and rain play into the server. I want to try to recreate the awe and buzz
    back when ArmA IIs DayZ mod first came into the public domain. We have not packed the server full of high loot. The server runs Namalsk, as I feel that

    It is probably one of the best maps to recreate a survival feeling.

    We firmly believe that base building is the way forward, which is why we have increased the amount of items you can build in a territory by 20 for each level.
    We have a strong ruleset for base building, we dont want those eyesore sky bases which are built for PvP, we want nice, aesthetically pleasing organised bases.

    Server Mods [Required] @CBA_A3, @Exile, @Namalsk, @CUP_Weapons, @CUP_Units, @CUP_Vehicles.
    Additional Addons:

    A System that allows players to put items up on the market for a price they desire and other players can buy them. AKA Auction House, found in Trader City
    Defiants Mission System:
    - AI Group Spawning, Static and Dynamic Missions
    Exile Occupation:
    - A System that spawns AI to occupy towns and city, bambi AI [Friendly to Players] spawn and fight enemy AI, Random loot crates, Roaming AI and DayZ Styled Heli crash sites.
    Zupa Capture Points:
    - Allows Players to take control and capture a generated base for a set amount of time, capture it as a group or solo, once captured, a crate will parachute down and give weapons, clothing and poptabs as a reward.
    - AI is the first line of defence and will attack close to capture. Base is cleaned up [Deleted] via a carpet bomb 300 seconds after capture.

    We plan on implementing the following but I am having issues installing XM8 apps at the moment.

    - Virtual Garage
    - Lock Grinding
    - Base Hacking
    - Repair Mate
    - Recopies
    - Custom Airdrops [For Poptabs]
    - Deploy Bike

    Note: The server still needs quite a bit of tweaking, as do the forums, if you want to contribute to the forums, please do so, it will greatly help.
    As a registration reward, we will give you 10000 Poptabs free. Also note you start with 10k Poptabs too.


    This is a server I am really hopeful of, so come and join us.


    Thank You,
    D7 Owner

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