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    Our Altis server runs as a PVE server so no shooting other players is allowed. So what is there to do, you ask? Well, we have set up our server to give new players a change to get to know how to play the game. It's a good place to explore the map, find out how to build and where to loot . It's also a good server to play when you're fed up of being spawn killed all the time - bloody bambi slayer noobs!

    So why would you want to play for more than a few days? I understand that PVE is silly in some people's eyes, but to even the balance between life and death we have AI. We run A3XAI which is unrivaled (in my eyes) in the ability to be customised and the functionality provided. On top of these AI, we also use Exile Occupation to take control of military areas and a few other places.

    There are also other things to do though! Why not try and take back one of the towns which has been captured by the Police or SWAT teams of VEMFr? Why not try to kill all of the AI in either the slums or the salt flats military base from the DMS mission set? There are always missions running which are challenging to do!

    Our server offers the following things:
    IGI Load - Load crates or vehicles onto lorries or vans.
    Towing - Tow vehicles (using ropes)
    A statusbar - view some of your relevant information on your screen
    DMS Missions
    Exile Occupation
    A3XAI Roaming AI
    VEMFr Mimssions
    All AI are in police outfits to make them easily identifiable!

    So, please come and have a play!

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