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    Darkness Warrior

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    • Home = 15k money, rook40, wather, food, GPS, binoculars, small backpack.
    • Grownd Spawn = We removed the parachute spawn.
    • Revive = Can be used the defibrillator up to 5 times a reset.
    • Spawn Bike = Double-click your radio to spawn one bike in front of you.
    • Towing car = Mod car trailer and can be pulled a car at a time.
    • Virtual Garage = virtual garage to store your vehicles.
    • ZCP Capture Point = Missions capture random bases on the server every 5 minutes giving rewards and Drop air equipment.
    • territory Limit = Given the following rules the territory is released. 1km from the whole city of spawn, the trade, military base.
    • Payment Period territory = 30 Days.
    • Bots rondantes car = 15 (5 Hunter, 5 Ifrit and 5 Strider)
    • Period to delete unused car = 30 days. (It can be avoided with the Garage)
    • Missions = Statics DMS Missions, VERFm Invasion.
    • Events = Drop air every 10 minutes.
    • Spawn loot garbage off = Empty can, Empty bottle, Empty Canister, Chemlights, toalet paper.

    The server has bots rondantes throughout the altis map and can receive air support at times when a bot enters its range (150 meters) the radio warns that has nearby units.

    <============ XM8's App (Apps on your tablet within the game.) ============>
    • Player Status = Disposals - Deaths - Respect - Time online - Poptabs and KD +/-.
    • Player = Scan Scans an area of 250M telling how many players have around.
    • Distance View = Sets like the player the minimum distance from the map and objects in view.
    • Base = Security Cameras view of your base anywhere on the map with the right to sound alarm if movement is detected.
    • Base Upgrade = upgrade the base system without going to the flag.
    • Buid Here = A tool for information to the player if it is allowed to be deployed a base.
    • BONUS GAME SNAKE SNAKE = little game to pass the time between missions. Only pure Lulz.

    <============ Rules ============>
    • Respect everyone, including administrators.
    • Racism / Discrimination will not be tolerated in any way.

    Website & Ts3 => darknesswarrior.noip.me
            Good Game!!! =D


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